Nov 6, 2009


Some of my Plaidy Books
Arleigh from has supplied us with the following list of Plaidy titles, along with her other pseudonyms. See Arleigh's collection here, and her other Royal-Intrigue website and blog for more all things Plaidy.

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Victoria Holt, Jean Plaidy, Philippa Carr; Ele...
 Victoria Holt, Jean Plaidy, Philippa Carr; Eleanor Burford, Elbur Ford, Kathleen Kellow, Anne Percival, and Ellalice Tate. 67 members Eleanor Hibbert (1 September 1906 – 18 January 1993) was a British author who wrote under various...

Books Read

The Miracle at St. Bruno's The Miracle at St. Bruno's
by Philippa Carr
Start date: March 23, 2013

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Eleanor Burford
Philippa Carr (& Irene Carr)
Elbur Ford
Victoria Holt
Kathleen Kellow
Anna Percival (one title)
Jean Plaidy
Ellalice Tate

The books that I own are in red, the ones I have reviewed here will also be linked to the actual review and will be in bold red. I will continue to update this post with new reviews or acquisitions.

Norman Series
The Bastard King Vol. 1
The Lion of Justice Vol. 2
The Passionate Enemies Vol. 3

Plantagenet Series
The Plantagenet Prelude Vol. 1
The Revolt of the Eaglets Vol. 2
The Heart of the Lion Vol. 3
The Prince of Darkness Vol. 4
The Battle of the Queens Vol. 5
The Queen from Provence Vol. 6
Edward Longshanks (The Hammer of the Scots) Vol. 7
The Follies of the King Vol. 8

The Vow on the Heron Vol. 9
The Passage to Pontefract Vol. 10
The Star of Lancaster Vol. 11

Epitaph for Three Women Vol. 12
The Red Rose of Anjou Vol. 13
The Sun in Splendour Vol. 14

Tudor Series
Uneasy Lies the Head Vol. 1 (reprinted as To Hold the Crown)
Katharine the Virgin Widow Vol. 2 (included in Katherine of Aragon)
The Shadow of the Pomegranate Vol. 3 (included in Katherine of Aragon)

The King’s Secret Matter Vol. 4 (included in Katherine of Aragon)
Murder Most Royal Vol. 5
St. Thomas’s Eve Vol. 6
The Sixth Wife Vol. 7
The Thistle and the Rose Vol. 8
Mary, Queen of France Vol. 9
The Spanish Bridegroom Vol. 10 (reprinted March 2010 as For a Queen’s Love)
Gay Lord Robert Vol. 11 (reprinted March 2010 as A Favorite of the Queen)
Katherine of Aragon Vol. 2,3,4

Mary Stuart Series
The Royal Road to Fotheringhay Vol. 1
The Captive Queen of Scots Vol. 2

James I
The Murder in the Tower

Charles II Trilogy
The Wandering Prince Vol. 1 (included in The Loves of Charles II)
Health Unto His Majesty Vol. 2 (included in The Loves of Charles II)
Here Lies our Sovereign Lord Vol. 3 (included in The Loves of Charles II)
also available as The Loves of Charles II Vol. 1,2,3 New Reissue by Three Rivers Press

Stuart Saga
The Three Crowns Vol. 1 (included in Last of the Stuarts)
The Haunted Sisters Vol. 2 (included in Last of the Stuarts)
The Queen’s Favorites Vol. 3 (included in Last of the Stuarts)
also available as Last of the Stuarts Vol. 1,2,3

Georgian Series
The Princess of Celle Vol. 1
Queen in Waiting Vol. 2
Caroline, the Queen Vol. 3
The Prince and the Quakeress Vol. 4
The Third George Vol. 5
Perdita´s Prince Vol. 6
Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill Vol. 7
Indiscretions of the Queen Vol. 8
The Regent’s Daughter Vol. 9
The Goddess of the Green Room Vol. 10
Victoria in the Wings Vol. 11

Queen Victoria Series
The Captive of Kensington Palace Vol. 1
The Queen and Lord M Vol. 2
The Queen’s Husband Vol. 3
The Widow of Windsor Vol. 4

Queens of England Series
Myself My Enemy Vol. 1 (also printed as Loyal in Love)
Queen of this Realm Vol. 2
Victoria Victorious Vol. 3
The Lady in the Tower Vol. 4
The Courts of Love Vol. 5
In the Shadow of the Crown Vol. 6
The Queen’s Secret Vol. 7
The Reluctant Queen Vol. 8
The Pleasures of Love Vol. 9 (also printed as The Merry Monarch’s Wife)
William’s Wife Vol. 10 (also printed as The Queen’s Devotion)
The Rose Without a Thorn Vol. 11

Ferdinand and Isabella Series
Castile for Isabella Vol. 1
Spain for the Sovereigns Vol. 2
Daughters of Spain Vol. 3

also available as Isabella and Ferdinand Vol. 1,2,3

Lucrezia Borgia Series
Madonna of the Seven Hills Vol. 1
Light on Lucrezia Vol. 2

also available as Lucrezia Borgia Vol. 1,2

de’Medici Series
Madame Serpent Vol. 1
The Italian Woman Vol. 2
Queen Jezebel Vol. 3

also available as Catherine de’Medici Vol. 1,2,3

Henry of Navarre
Evergreen Gallant

French Revolution Series
Louis, the Well-Beloved Vol. 1
The Road to Compiegne Vol. 2
Flaunting Extravagant Queen Vol. 3

Spanish Inquisition Series
The Rise of the Spanish Inquisition Vol. 1
The Growth of Spanish Inquisition Vol. 2
The End of the Spanish Inquisition Vol. 3
also available as The Spanish Inquisition Vol. 1,2,3

Other Titles
Together They Ride
Beyond the Blue Mountains
The Goldsmith’s Wife (also printed as King’s Mistress)
Daughter of Satan (also printed as The Unholy Woman)
It Began in Vauxhall Gardens (also printed as Melisande)
Melisande (also printed as It Began in Vauxhall Gardens)
Milady Charlotte
The Scarlet Cloak
Defenders of the Faith
Madame Du Barry
The Queen of Diamonds
The King’s Adventurer (also printed as This Was a Man)
A Triptych of Poisoners
Mary Queen of Scots: Fair Devil of Scotland
King’s Pleasure (also printed as Murder Most Royal)
The Unholy Woman (also printed as Daughter of Satan)
Mary Queen of Scotland: The Triumphant Year (also printed as Royal Road to Fotheringhay)
The King’s Mistress (also printed as The Goldsmith’s Wife)

Jean Plaidy: Selected Works; an Omnibus (includes St. Thomas’s Eve, Royal Road to Fotheringhay, The Goldsmith’s Wife and Perdita’s Prince)

Children’s Titles
Young Mary Queen of Scots
Young Elizabeth
Meg Roper; Daughter of Sir Thomas More

Victoria Holt
Mistress of Mellyn
Kirkland Revels

Bride of Pendorric
The Legend of the Seventh Virgin
Menfreya in the Morning (also published as Menfreya)
The King of the Castle
Queen’s Confession: A Biography of Marie Antoinette (also published as The Queen’s Confession)
The Shivering Sands
The Secret Woman
The Shadow of the Lynx
On the Night of the Seventh Moon
The Curse of the Kings
The House of a Thousand Lanterns
Pride of the Peacock
Lord of the Far Island
The Devil on Horseback
My Enemy the Queen (read and loved, but no review as it was before blogging days)
The Spring of the Tiger
The Mask of the Enchantress
The Judas Kiss
The Demon Lover
The Time of the Hunter’s MoonThe Landower Legacy
The Road to Paradise Island
Secret for a Nightingale
The Silk Vendetta
The India Fan
The Captive
Snare of Serpents
Daughter of Deceit
Seven for a Secret
The Black Opal
4 in 1 of BRIDE OF PENDORRIC, THE SHADOW OF THE LYNX, KING OF THE CASTLE & MISTRESS OF MELLYN published by Octopus / Heinemann 1987. 862 pages

Philippa Carr, Daughters of England series
The Miracle at St. Bruno’s
The Lion Triumphant
The Witch from the Sea
Saraband for Two Sisters
Lament for a Lost Lover 
The Love Child (book 6)
Song of the Siren
The Drop of the Dice aka Will you Love Me in September
The Adulteress 
Zipporah’s Daughter
Knave of Hearts
Voices in a Haunted Room
The Return of the Gypsy
Midsummer’s Eve
The Pool of St. Branok
The Changeling
The Black Swan
A Time for Silence
The Gossamer Cord
We’ll Meet Again
Daughters of England - published posthumously and probably unrelated to the series.

My collection

The following lists are copied from, but be aware some of these titles are above as well reprinted under her other pseudonyms, but these are the original published titles..

Kathleen Kellow

Call of the Blood 1956
Danse Macabre 1952
It Began in Vauxhall Gardens 1955 (later title Melisande)
Lilith 1954
Milady Charlotte 1959
Rochester: The Mad Earl 1957
Rooms at Mrs. Oliver's 1952
The World's a Stage 1960

Elbur Ford
Poison in Pimlico (1950)
The Flesh and the Devil (1950)
The Bed Disturbed (1952)
Evil in the House (1953) aka Such Bitter Business

Elliace Tate (some reprinted under Holt)
Defenders of the Faith (1956)
The Scarlet Cloak (1957)
The Queen of Diamonds (1958)
Madame du Barry (1959)
This Was a Man (1961) aka The King's Adventurer: Captain John Smith And Pocahontas by Plaidy

Eleanor Burford
Passionate Witness (1941)
Daughter of Anna (1941)
The Married Lover (1942)
When the Entire World Is Young (1943)
So the Dreams Depart (1944)
Not in Our Stars (1945)
Dear Chance (1947)
Alexa (1948)
The House At Cupid's Cross (1949)
The Love Child (1950)
Believe the Heart (1950)
Saint Or Sinner? (1951)
Bright Tomorrow (1952)
Dear Delusion (1952)
Leave Me My Love (1953)
When We Are Married (1953)
Heart's Afire (1954)
Castles in Spain (1954)
Two Loves in Her Life (1955)
When Other Hearts (1955)
Begin to Live (1956)
Married in Haste (1956)
To Meet a Stranger (1957)
Blaze of Noon (1958)
Pride of the Morning (1958)
The Dawn Chorus (1959)
Red Sky At Night (1959)
Night of Stars (1960)
Now That April's Gone (1961)
Who's Calling? (1962)

Jean Plaidy (Arleigh has this signed photo of Jean Plaidy on her nightstand! I have the postcard in my Plaidy bookshelf.)

I have decided to include this family tree for the Carr series which I copied and pasted from the Tripod site of Jean Plaidy. You never know when tripod sites are going to disappear like the geocities sites did, so I went ahead and saved it here for posterity's sake.

Visit the original page here.

Family Tree for Carr Series
Dulce m. 1) William Farland
Damask Farland m. Bruno Kingsman
Catharine Kingsman m. 2) Jake Pennlyon
        Linnet Pennlyon m. Colum Casvellyn
            Tamsyn Casvellyn m. Fennimore Landor
Richard Tolsworthy m.2) Bersaba Landor     Angelet Landor m.1)Richard Tolsworthy
Arabella Tolsworthy m.2) Carleton Eversleigh
Priscilla Eversleigh m. Leigh Main
        |                 |        
    (by Jocelyn Frinton)             Damaris Main m. Jeremy Granthorn
Carlotta                             |    
                |                         Sabrina Granthorn m. Richard Frenshaw    
(by John Field)                                 |    
            Clarissa m. Sir Lance Clavering                 Richard m.1) Isabel            
            |                                 |            
Zipporah Clavering m.2) Gerard d’Aubigne        |---------------------------------|    
                |             Jonathan          David
                         |                                     |    
Richard Frenshaw m.2) Charlotte d'Aubigne m.1) Charles de Tourville           |
    |                     |                    |
     |                    Claudine de Tourville-------------------m.
            |                                                   |
    Jessica Frenshaw m. Jake Cadorson         Peter Lansdon m. Amaryllis Frenshaw
        |                         |                   
    Annora Cadorson m. Rolf Hanson         Peter                           
            |                     |        
Gervais Mandeville m.1) Angelet Hanson m.2) Benedict Lansdon    
    |                         |
        Annora Rebecca Mandeville m. Pedrek Cartwright            Lucie Lansdon m. Joel Greenham        
                Robert Denver m. Lucinda Greenham
    Dermot Tregarland m.1) Dorabella Denver               Violetta Denver m. Jowan Jermyn
        Tristan Tregarland                



  1. Wow! I had no idea she was so prolific!

  2. I can't believe she's written SO MANY books and I haven't read even ONE of them. Will have to remedy that at some point...

  3. When I was in Middle and High School, I plowed through Victoria Holt, and I've picked up the banner again lately with the Jean Plaidy books.

  4. Great list! I have almost all of her Victoria Holt novels, but I'm still working on reading and collecting the rest of her works.

    I love Jean Plaidy/Victoria Holt!

  5. I don't know what to say about list except I am blown away. And there is still so many more she wrote that you don't have. Plaidy's ability and talent is super human. To have all those stories swirling about in her head, back then.

  6. I haven't read much Jean Plaidy but I loved Victoria Victorious and I am so impressed with your collection! It reminds me of my Sweet Valley High spreadsheet. :)

  7. That's the same autographed photo my hubby got for me!!

    I have 81 of 94 Plaidy novels (not including Omnibus titles and reprints), 32 of 33 Holt and 15 of 21 Carr. 0 from her other 4 pen names :(

  8. Love the list, I have so much farther to go to catch up to you. I want the Mad Earl under pen name Kathleen Kellow I think. Arleigh is already on a mission for it. I want the Loves of Charles so bad I can taste it.

  9. Well, I had to come visit your blog after you commented and I'm SO glad I did!
    I have read almost everything Victoria Holt/Philippa Carr/Jean Plaidy has written! I am a HUGE fan!
    It's nice to meet a kindred spirit!

  10. I've only read three Jean Plaidy books, but I think my parents (or at least my mother) have read a lot more, and my gran used to have quite a few of them I think.
    Mine are 'The Queen's Secret', 'The Queen from Provence' and the 'Star of Lancaster'. I do have three others in the Plantagenet saga which is the one I'm most interested in.

    My opinion of some of her books is a little mixed. I think she had a tendency to devote a lot of time and space to recounting the exploits of relatively minor historical figures. About a third of her book 'Hammer of the Scots' was about King Edward's daughter Joan of Acre from what I could see (when I flicked through it).

    Certainly very prolific though!

  11. I knew this was the blog for me when I saw your J Plaidy tab. I have been a fan for her work since I was in Jr high, and that was many, many years ago. I have read all her books as Victoria Holt and many of her Philippa Carr & Jean Plaidy books. I will always be grateful to my jr high English teacher for introducing Holt to me.

    I now work in a book store and have noticed a resurgence of interest in her books. I love sharing them with new Holt/Carr/Plaidy readers.

    1. Hi LeeAnn! Check out my reviews list here:

    2. And then come join my Goodreads group, where we will be hosting several Plaidy Group reads so we can chat all about Plaidy! Next Read Along is scheduled for the end of July 2013!!

  12. I'm sort of getting into Jean Plaidy at the moment after picking up a number of her novels in a charity (thrift) shop. As a Medievalist I'm more interested in the Plantagenet and Norman series than anything else, though I must say that St Thomas' Eve has whet my appetite!

    Wish I kept my copy of 'Hammer of the Scots' now, as I confess to being something of an Edward I sympathizer.....

  13. I have dozens of hard-cover books by both Jean Plaidy and Georgette Heyer which I would like to sell, as we are at that 'downsizing' stage of life, and I'm wondering if there is a market for these? All in excellent condition, purchased new close on fifty years ago.

    1. Yes there is. Your best bet would be EBay. I bought my 'lots'thru eBay and the cheapest price ones thru used book sites.


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