Oct 11, 2013

Life in the fast lane

the 2013 version of Big Tex!
Hey fellow readers! Can I really say that any longer? WHY YES.. I am still reading, but just not caught up too much in the whole review biz thing, thank the Lord! After a full year of stressing the fact that I am no longer accepting review copies, it has finally come to fruition where I am not a slave to that despicable review schedule. Of course, there are a few goodies that I have the time to slip in, so you will see a few posts here and there that are "blog tour" type posts, but those will be just a few along the way.

I do miss chatting with all my fellow bloggy buddies, so I wanted to touch base and let you all know what's been going on in my life. I do hope you are all just peachy, and that life is treating you well!

Pretty much the last few months have been a whirlwind, and for those followers who have been with me since 2008/2009 you will know that I used to be able to read and review like lightning. Then I got burnt out, and bloggy type drama turned me off the whole thing and so I stepped away and focused on things that made me happy - enjoying time with the family, doing nothing. Greatness! Well, we did meander out to the State Fair of Texas a few weeks ago... the fried kit kat was kinda of a once in a lifetime experience I don't want to go through again. And now both of my kiddos are a Scout of some sort, so that means meetings meetings meetings fund raising stick a fork in me...

Of course, my career path changed so that I am no longer watching the crows outside the office windows -- I have no windows in my new 'office' (where I sit among a bunch of cubicles in the finance office of my local school district) and I am now doing the exact opposite of what I used to be doing: bouncing off the walls of busy busy busy but now I am happy happy happy. (Yes, I have caught on to the Duck Dynasty craze, a season or two later). I am even going to conferences and all that fun stuff, and I get weeks and weeks off, bwahahahaha...(no joke!!)

So while I was out changing my life, I bought a fast car. I do love the darling thing, and now I kinda kick myself for living two to three minutes from my office. Sometimes I do have to take the top down and drive the long way home. Tack on an extra mile or so as I cruise down Highway 66 with my hair whipping my face making a fool out of my forty year old self.
But you only live once.
2013 Mustang Club of America edition V6 Premium convertible with saddle leather seats, thank you very much! = my unicorn.

As you can see, I've also been eating and drinking a lot. You heard me. But heck, for the first half of my life I've been a thin thing, so now the last half (Lord willing) I am really just going to enjoy myself, alcoholic beverages and all.

I think maybe in a month or so I will be back to reading a bit more since I will have a full three weeks off to recover from major surgery around Thanksgiving time. Yes, that horrible surgery that many women end up having to get. I'm one of the lucky ones due to a plethora of problems -- and I am so freaking looking forward to it because I am so sick of feeling like a pile of ouch. My eleven year old daughter will be my slave as I recover, and yea, I am milking it for the full three weeks. Then I go back to work for a week to see what drama occurred while I was away, and then I will take another two weeks off at Christmas time. It will certainly be a different holiday season! But I have slated three review titles to keep myself busy while I milk it recover- here's hoping that I can coin a sentence together intelligently at that point.

While I still enjoy reading, I have found that I have completely lost the mojo to review. I kinda hate doing that. It's a lot like homework. So I apologize in advance for the missing wow factor in my upcoming reviews, but heck, I think I've earned myself a break after the three hundred reviews I've posted for you here.

I did read a heckuva great story this past week that really floored me. It was Return to Me by Lynn Austin, and if you are interested in biblical retellings this is the one to get. LOVED IT. And with that, I am off to go see what is available for cheap by Lynn Austin. I know I have her much acclaimed Gods and Kings novel but I need to figure out which book goes with what series etc.

Happy reading folks, and see you next week with my Return To Me review! Peace and blessings -- and good health!


  1. I know I follow along with you on FB, but it's nice to read all about what's going on with you here, too. And it's nice to know I'm not the only one out there who isn't motivated to write a review - ha! But like you, I'm still reading up a storm, too -- passed my 100-book goal for the year a few days ago, in fact, and still devouring books while trying to decide what's next among my gazillions of unread books :-) I'm glad you are doing well and having fun, and of course I wish you a speedy recovery from your upcoming surgery!!!

  2. Thanks Melissa =) Enjoy those books! That's what it's all about, right?!

    1. Absolutely! After I stopped feeling like I had to review EVERY book I read, I really started reading so much more! I do feel a twinge of guilt for leaving the blog neglected but perhaps one day I'll get back into it again... But somehow, book blogging doesn't have the same appeal to me that it used to. I guess I feel like the internet just got oversaturated with book blogs and it doesn't feel as worthwhile to me. There are still a few -- like yours -- that I check out for "recommendations" every now and then when I'm looking for something new to read. But honestly, sometimes it's easier to rely on Amazon and Goodreads for reviews (as long as you know how to weed through them, of course).

    2. A zillion review blogs over the past few years popped up! It makes it so hard to keep up, but I found I am still interested in some bloggers, so I subscribe via email. Like yours ;)

  3. Marie, I think you sound pretty happy! I'm glad the changes in your life have turned out to be good ones, especially the job change. I'm with you on the reviews, it feels like a chore these days. I am rarely excited enough about a book to want to go write about it, but I haven't figured out what I should do instead.

    I'll be thinking of you and hoping your surgery isn't too bad, and is indeed the answer to the problems you've been having.

  4. Hey Marie:). So happy for you that you're living the life you want! Reading is a pleasure not a chore! And the faster one gets that the better and sweeter her life. I'm now finding that I love interviewing and finding out more about authors just as much as reading their books...so I too am getting pickier with the books I choose to review. I guess you could say my blog has given birth to more blogs that let me explore newer venues- hey!we are evolving chicks! I still love reading your stuff, but like you, I'm finding less and less time to post and to comment on even my favourite places. Your life sounds terrific ( and I shud have told u earlier that the 40's will do that to a girl...meaning the cocktails and really loving great food- basically enjoying life! ) oh but wait...the 50's will see u even more in tuned with your glorious self. Enjoy:)
    Love ya- Lucy xx

  5. Hi Marie. Nice to catch up with you! Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery in November. I would milk it too, haha. I totally get wanting to get off the review schedule bus. I'm almost there myself.
    Nice wheels! Good for you :)

  6. Love the car! Glad things are going well. I wish you a easy, successful surgery and recovery.

  7. Love, love, love your car!

    Hope your surgery goes well!

  8. That is a fantastic car! I applaud the speed, drinks, good eats -- have fun! Sending best wishes for the surgery -- we're not 'prayer'-y types, but will keep you in our hearts/thoughts during it so you have a fast recovery. Been missing you but loving the updates -- and so glad that despite the busy, you're happy!

  9. Glad to hear all has been going well and that you are enjoying life! I've had a lot of the same going on - new job, being more family focused and virtually no motivation to write reviews or blog. I've still been reading though although not as much as I used to and that's OK :) I had the same surgery several years ago - one of the best decisions I ever made! It's no fun being in pain and feeling like crap every day. Hope that it improves your health and allows you to enjoy life even more! Take care.


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