About Marie and the blog

I'm a transplanted Texas gal who's been married since 1998, mom to two gorgeous kiddos  brats, a cat and two dogs. And fish.

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My bookish tidbits and advice to authors promoting their work can be found at this interview located at Mary Tod's blog, A Writer of History

My primary purpose of the blog was a social tool. I found like-minded readers in the blogosphere, I chatted with them and created my own blog. It was a different blogging world in 2008/09 and it is not quite the same, as I look back on those days with longing.

However, my blog survives, though it's not quite as busy as it was. I have had a career change in 2013 and work keeps me busy.

Please realize my reviews are honest and are my own even if they are not spectacular essays or properly worded works of art. This is a hobby that I choose to partake in when I feel like it. I am not a professional reader. I am not a professional writer. Nor do I want to be regardless of my childish dreams. I have found my calling with the church and that's where my primary focus is, outside of volunteering for various scouting activities.

March 2012
The Burton Review (now known Burton Book Review) was created in late 2008 as an effort to share the books that I read. I created the blog at a time when I needed a positive distraction away from the grief I felt after suddenly losing my father to a heart attack. It really helped me focus on something else other than my tormented soul, so it has served its purpose. I was also losing track of what books I was reading, had read, and couldn't remember what books I owned. The blog helped me get organized.

Here is a list of my reviews published to date, with their ratings and links to the review.  Those you will not find are the strictly contemporary romance or chick-lit types, fantasy, or erotica genres.  You sometimes can find me on Goodreads talking about books as I participate and host group reads featuring authors like Jean Plaidy and Anya Seton - mostly hosting a summer read along at a Goodreads group site.

February 2013
And you'll find me as a sometimes reviewer for the Historical Novels Review  and Library Journal.

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 if you are an author or publicist. I appreciate my readers, my followers, and my fellow bloggers.. but most of all the authors and publicists that have provided me with the fantastic books that I have read thus far! It is at this point that I humbly plead 'UNCLE!' and realize that I should not in good conscience accept another offer for a book review. Congrats to you if you've read this entire mini-bio!