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Dec 30, 2008

The Burton Beginning

Hello bloggers..

2008 was an odd year.

Even though technically it was supposed to be even. But, for this 30-something year old/married/two kids it was actually a bit too much to handle. Career change, the life adjustment to having a toddler after thinking "I was done" with all that. My oldest, a daughter, is 6 and 3/4. Going on 21 most days. And here comes my son, the total opposite. A complete whirlwind of whines and temper tantrums and just BOY stuff.

No, not that different from most other folks. I love my husband, my kids.. the job isn't so bad either. My husband's career seems to be stable, but at the moment one never can tell.

And then most recently.. the PHONE CALL... my father at the age of 59 suddenly was called to God and taken from this Earth.

Life shattering.. mind numbing.. shock.. grief.. sadness... Being Selfish.

So I shall begin 2009 to move away from the grief, the selfishness, and embrace the good things.

What are the good things?

Always, there is relative health in the family. Always there is a relative cold/cough/sneezes as well.

I do have my mother, close by. And yes, that's a good thing. And perhaps we'll be EVEN Closer in proximity.. time will tell..

I do have a job.

I do have my hobby of wonderful Books. Mostly at the moment I am enthralled with Historic tales, fiction/non-fiction. More on that later..Probably much more..

I have a car that runs well...

I have a house to call a home. I have a dream to have a bigger house to call a home.

I have a man that loves me and truly enjoys being my husband. (Right honey?)

This blog will be about nothing and the progress of all of the above.

Something to help me beleive in the positive and to focus on our future.