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Dec 31, 2008

Las Vegas Baby!

The obligatory nod to my tenth wedding anniversary today.
JR and I got married (on purpose, not a whim) at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.
We drove there from our home in Garland TX in the red Camaro that we just traded in last year.
It was a very nice day on New Years Eve; we were outside the chapel chain smoking we were SO nervous!! (i have quit since then)..
We had a cassette tape of Journey's Open Arms song, and had that playing as we walked down the aisle.
Reverend Ray Cobb married us and not Elvis (that would have cost extra anyway).
We had a nice candle lighting ceremony and the chapel was very nice, I definitely recommend it.
Jon Bon Jovi got married there, as well as Catherine Oxenburg, Aaron Neville, Richard Simmons.. ;)

That night we went to Fremont Street and being NY EVE it was impossibly crazy packed, JR was afraid he was going to lose me in the crowd. I couldn't see anything except for the backs of many people.

It was the beginning of a Marriage, and a Family.