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Jan 5, 2009

Chances are 1%

We received a letter that Flood Insurance has been purchased for us and is being taken out of our escrow account. This flood insurance costs more than our normal insurance!! When we bought this wonderful house we were told we were not in a flood plain, well TADA !! Seven years later, a new survey is done, FEMA says there is a 1% chance.. therefore we have to buy this Flood Insurance!! I am disgusted. This government doing its best work again. Taking advantage of the poor hard-working people so the government can take our money and use it to pay for their company jets and their vacations.
What a wonderful way to start our year off. As usual there is nothing we can do to fight for the little people. This just makes me all the more ready to get the heck out of this cramped house and build me a new one that I can at least feel comfortable in.
My family doesn't fit naturally into our current house, when we bought it I wasn't intending to have two children of my own. We had my step-daughter & I honestly thought that would be all. No sooner did we purchase the property then I had Morgan. We built the house but my husband selected a plan not suited to family endeavors. When it was being built and I was pregnant, my stepdaughter and I wrote our names and little messages on the wood beams. That's our little special nuance about the house, but other than that, I hate this house. I hate everything from the colours to the layout, and I even hate the backyard. There is no grass!! Now that I realize the everyday type of needs of being a mom to two kiddos of my own, I will certainly have a say in what the layout and needs are for the new house we hope to build. I do know I hate carpet with two messy kids.
We are looking at floor-plans online and a lot look wonderfully suited, I just hope that they will fit the budget.
More on the house later, we still have to figure out the space available to us at Mom's property where we are moving to.
I am a little grumpy due to locking myself in the warehouse this AM and had to walk around the building in the pouring rain to get back into the office. SIGH. It's a vicious rain today, and of course the perfect temperature of 32°F to make driving hazardous. All this after a wonderful 84°F Saturday. God Bless Texas! Haven't you heard, "if you don't like the weather here, stay awhile, because it's going to change." :D
Love to all!