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Jan 6, 2009


For our anniversary I had bought my husband "DALLAS" series 7. So we watched series 6 to get caught up, the funny thing is, I haven't watched it before. But Darn, give me a moment to watch it and actually sit down, and at season 6 midway I was hooked.
So that's why I haven't been able to read much of my book lately on Arbella Stuart; the last week has been spent catchng an episode of DALLAS in my free time.
It's insanely funny to see how ridiculous the characters are, and still I was intrigued. Also the costumes of the 80's are always something to look at, especially for a Ewing.
And here in my hometown, 22 miles east of Dallas, we had a rare Winter Wonderland. no, not snow.. but enough ice and precipitation to make the branches heavy with ice crystals and beads. It was a very pretty site and I wished I had my camera with me to snap a picture. So now my camera is in the car, not a good spot for it. Calls for bringing out the huge laptop carrying bag instead of the black hole purse.
Maybe a month or so more of 'winter' here in TX and we'll be back to our lovely Texas Spring.