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Feb 25, 2009


As I come across a new link I would like to go back to over and over when I get the chance to, I have been putting it in the left column under Link List and if it is a Blog that relates in some way to the Historical Fiction/British History category I have been listing it in the Recommended Blogs list.
The link I found today will do damage to my bank account, but will cause happiness at the same time. Of course this is in regards to books.. The Book Depository is a growing online UK store that Ships FOR FREE FREE FREE to most countries (including the USA). And when that elusive book comes out that I don't want to wait 6 months for it to come out in the USA, order it here!! And when I am looking for that special book that was only printed in the UK, order it here!!
I am excited for the possibilites.. they are endless!
This LINK brings you to the "Historical Fiction" category. In the top right hand corner, change the drop down box to $ American Dollars so you can easily convert to the USA price. FREE SHIPPING FROM THE UK! I spent close to $23.00 in shipping alone when I ordered some of the 1972 era Jean Plaidy paperbacks elsewhere (mumble grumble)...

And since I'm here gushing about random book things, may I just add that at the there is a newsletter that Carol Fitzgerald puts out weekly with lots of fun information about all sorts of books. She writes a nice commentary along with the goings-on in her massive book world. I requested some more focus on the Historical Fiction category (yes, I'm a glutton) and to appease me she sent me a FREE (love that word) advance copy of "Palace Circle" by Rebecca Dean, due out in USA March 2009, which is 4 days from now. Imagine butterflies, hearts and sparkles swimming around my head, that's how happy that made me! It takes place around WWII and blends fiction and events to create "masterful storytelling." I look forward to beginning that as time permits and seeing what this debut author has to offer.