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Mar 20, 2009

"The Tudors" Season Premiere

Things that make you go hmm.....
E-Online has the video up for Showtime's "The Tudors", I know some may be interested in it.. I just might buckle down and watch it myself. Maybe. How about you comment and let me know if it's worth my time? I just cannot seem to forget the fact that it is probably all hogwash, but maybe someday I'll loosen up and value it for its' entertainment purposes.
Such as, (from E Online:)According to Jonathan, who plays the megalomaniac Henry VIII, "[There is] a lot more killing and a couple of more wives; a couple of people from court get skewered, and Henry goes into mourning."

And the link goes to the full 53 minute premiere that starts April 5. Hey that's my son's second birthday.. ah, I digress.. again...