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Apr 17, 2009

COOL BLOGS!! Why I blog..

Okay so I just wanted to my two cents in. I was doing my normal meandering around my blogosphere of fellow book junkies and read My Friend Amy's Post in reaction to another post.. I started writing this really long drawn out comment to that on her post, and I felt maybe I should do a post here myself. (I wonder if long comments on other's blogs are appreciated or irritating?)
And then as I do this post, I hope Amy doesn't think I'm stealing.. LOL.. so everyone go over to Amy's blog and comment OVER THERE too.. (Amy is COOL though so she won't mind)!

The issue is the fact that Blogs are at risk at becoming everything that implies a social network. This means the geeks, the jocks... lol... Can you imagine?! So amongst Book Bloggers, are we all nerds? Perhaps. Do we care how we are specifically labeled? Not really. Most book bloggers I "know" are simply here to be a book blogger. Some have goals, like Amy. Some are just doing it to pass the time and enjoy a brighter life because of it, like me.

So there is a discussion over there at ExLibrisBB about whether or not certain Bloggers are idolized regardless of their quality... I haven't really seen it happen that way though. People visit the blogs they want to. I do not see it as being a form of idolization. (Is that a word?) This actually is not high school, this is internet browsing pleasure and to try to conform a wide group of individuals is foolish.
Things that make you go hmmm..
As far as Bethany's question about reviews not being any better than anyone else's: Let me just say that I know I am certainly not one of the bloggers being idolized, I also know I do not have such fantastic reviews either. I am not a writer, I am a woman of opinions. Therefore I blog about books and how I reacted to them. Then if I can throw in a giveaway, woo hoo that's fun for everyone. If I write a review that makes someone learn something about a book, then I've done my job as a book blogger in my opinion. And I didn't intentionally start my blog as a BOOK Blog, if you look in the beginning of my posts you'll get some odd struggles for a start of a general blog. Then I found it easier to write a book review instead of a personal post, and that's how it evolved. No one in my family was interested in my personal thoughts .. boo hoo.. so I scratched that whole thing altogether.

So if I want to be serious about my blog.. which I am aiming to be seriously entertained by it, let's say my goal is to make as many friends as possible yet not feel stressed about maintaining a blog. And actually the way I am making friends is through commenting on OTHER people's blogs, so it wouldn't really matter if I had a blog or not, would it?
Am I cool? (Only when I want to be) Do I have a cool blog? (It works for me, so yes; I enjoy my playlist all day long)..
Are you cool? (Probably!) Does anyone really truly care? (Not really)

"I'M COOL... I'M COOL" (shake your hips..)
You go girl..

The End.