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Apr 26, 2009

The Sunday Salon *Giveaway Winners*

The Sunday

Happy Sunday to everyone! It's a bit rainy here in Texas but we enjoyed the outdoors yesterday with the frisbee and the kite.

I wanted to post the winners of my book giveaway for Kevin Roose's "The Unlikely Disciple":

The top 5 winners are:

NightDweller, Bridget3420, Sharon54220, TaterTot, and Alyce

Congrats to you... Please respond to my email so that I can get the addresses out to Hachette.
I am going to have about 5 book giveaways (2 starting tomorrow) during May, so stay tuned!

Have a great Sunday everyone.. I'll be doing laundry, maybe some housework, and watching cartoons and th purple Barney.. but I really want to continue C.W. Gortner's "The Last Queen".. it is really good and was worth the wait. On May 5th the author will be here with a guest post, I am really excited about that!
Juana of Castile, (1479-1555), daughter of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile; Sister to Catherine of Aragon (1st wife of Henry VIII). Also known as Juana La Loca, Juana the Mad, and referred to as Joanna in its Latin form, she was the mother of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. She married Philip the Handsome, or Philip The Fair, of Burgundy, who became the first Hapsburg ruler in Spain.

Children from this marriage:Eleanor (1498 - 1558) Charles V Holy Roman Emperor (1500 - 1558) Isabella (1501 - 1526) Ferdinand I Holy Roman Emperor (1503 - 1564) Mary (1505 - 1558)Catherine (1507 - 1578)

Some believe Juana suffered from schizophrenia, which was exploited by the people closest to her: her husband, her father, and her son. They used her, and lied to her, for their own power plays. Juana was locked away and imprisoned, just as her maternal grandmother was.

In C.W. Gortner's novel of Juana, he attempts to portray the Queen as determined and brave, and to shed light on the mystery of her 'illness' as he writes through Juana's eyes.