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Apr 13, 2009

Mailbox Monday

OH MY WHAT A HAUL!!!! TEN BOOKS! Thank goodness we are including a library to the house we are going to build sometime in the near future.

Happy Monday!! Mailbox Monday is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page. We share what books that we found in our mailboxes last week. And I am adding what I purchased.. bad, bad girl...
Here's what I received during the last week:

For future reviewing pleasure (watch for these reviews in June):
"Partners" by Dave McGowan "Thomas Brash is trying to escape but knows he never will. Pursuing him is the memory of the family he lost to cholera. Perhaps he believes that traveling alone in a wild, dangerous land will end all his memories; there is no doubt he wishes to be alone. Whatever his intentions the appearance of Frank Clement and the circumstances of that meeting upset those plans. Brash views Clement as an uneducated child who requires fatherly protection and guidance. Clement views Brash as a tenderfoot and can not understand how anyone who knows so little could live so long. These two loners are joined by others and they all become partners. Having achieved relative sanctuary and surrounded by civilization their wilderness past comes back to haunt them."

"Nine Lords of the Night" by E.C. Gibson "I sensed that the world was a labyrinth from which it is impossible to flee." Jorge Luis Borges So begins E. C. Gibson's novel The Nine Lords of the Night... Set against the background of the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas, Mexico in 1993 and 1994, the novel explores the antiquities trade and how it affects a group of archaeologists. Betrayals, disappearances, murders, and a labyrinth-like conspiracy reaching from academia to Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico, gradually unravel as the protagonists apply their professional skills to solving larger mysteries."
"The Last Queen" by C.W. Gortner; Paperback releases May 5 from Random House, and the AUTHOR WILL BE HERE for a Guest Post also on May 5th! The story of Queen Juana la Loca, aka Juana the Mad, who ruled Spain from 1506-1509 after her mother’s death, but was then imprisoned for insanity for the rest of her life.

Ordered and received from (It's a new month so I allow myself one small purchase)
Royal Murders byDulcie Ashdown "A study of the murders of, and by, members of Europe's reigning families which covers a thousand years of history and considers the motives, means and consequences of such crimes"

Dissolution by C.J. Sansom "It is 1537, and Thomas Cromwell is charged with protecting the newborn Church of England. So when one of his commissioners is murdered in a monastery, he sends his sharpest lawyer to investigate. A debut from (you guessed it) former lawyer Sansom." I've had his last installment "Sovereign" for awhile, but have been waiting for this one to read first.

Bought from my local used bookstore (gotta keep 'em in business, so I'm doing a service here)
# 6 & # 7 in the Niccolo series by Dorothy Dunnett (So I'm buying it backwards):
From Sourcebooks to review in June:
"My Lord John" by Georgette Heyer Set in the last days of the reign of Richard II, just before Henry V succeeded him to the throne, the eponymous hero is Henry's brother, John, Duke of Bedford.

From Shelf Awareness to review:
"The Wish Maker" by Ali Sethi "The unforgettable story of a fatherless boy growing up in a household of outspoken women, The Wish Maker is also a tale of sacrifice, betrayal, and indestructible friendship. Zaki Shirazi and his female cousin Samar Api were raised to consider themselves “part of the same litter.” Together they watched American television and memorized dialogue from Bollywood movies, attended dangerous protests, and formed secret friendships. In a household run by Zaki’s crusading political journalist mother and iron-willed grandmother, it was impossible to imagine a future that could hold anything different for either of them.But adolescence approaches and the cousins’ fates diverge. Samar’s unconventional behavior—in which Zaki has played the role of devoted helper—brings severe consequences for her, while Zaki is sent out to discover the world for himself. It is only after years of separation from Samar that he is forced to confront the true nature of happiness, selfhood, and commitment to those he loves most.Chronicling world-changing events that have never been so intimately observed in fiction and brimming with unmistakable warmth and humor, The Wish Maker is the powerful account of a family and an era, a story that shows how, even in the most rapidly shifting circumstances, there are bonds that survive the tugs of convention, time, and history."

Did you notice my Noticer Project post?
I also received 3 of the "The Noticer" by Andy Andrews.
That means 2 of you lucky readers will get a chance to win one, during the April 27th kick off of the book! Yay for you!

And now I must officially slow down on the requesting of the books!! (slaps hand..) Step away from the computer, Marie... and go read all these books...
Oh and I have finally given in to BAD BAD GIRL so I should be getting a couple more...