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Apr 6, 2009

The Noticer Project is calling on people everywhere to "notice" five people who have made a positive impact on their lives. Who were the most INFLUENTIAL people in your life?
The concept is based on the new book "The Noticer" (Thomas Nelson, April 28, 2009) by Andy Andrews. (The Noticer Project on Twitter) which I am scheduled to review on April 27.

Without further ado my picks for the most Positive People in my life:
1)My mother.
She has shown me that strength, perserverance and love are qualities that will make me a better person, and mother. She has always weathered the storm with grace and I applaud her for making her own decisions and showing me that it is all right to do so. I love you, Mom.

2) My Aunt Nancy.
Of course this is my mom's little sister, because the fortitude and independence runs in the family (please may it drip this way)! My Aunt Nancy has always been there for me emotionally whenever I needed her to be. Growing up she always put a lot of thought into our Christmas gifts as well, which seems shallow to mention but I do so in efforts to show how thoughtful she was even back then. Fast forward a few years and she still has been very generous with me when the needy time came, and I will never forget the gestures she made to me, even when I was miles away. I know that if I called her right now and told her I needed something, she would help me in any way she could. It is such a comfort to know that even though we may be far apart and do not visit often enough, that her love for me never wavers. She has also told me her opinions when I was going in the wrong direction and has helped me to overcome certain obstacles. (Oh yeah and I had my first wedding reception at her house too.. which was the only good thing out of that marriage!) Thanks, Aunt Nancy!

3) My fourth Grade teacher, Mrs. Randall, wherever you are.
Right from the start, Mrs. Randall at Oxhead Road School bonded with me due to the simple fact she also taught my older brother. Mrs. Randall was very kind and so very encouraging. She helped my passion for reading and even for writing. I wrote some of my best stuff in 4th grade!! We wrote poems, mysteries, and even paranormal! She introduced to different genres of books and explained the process for writing. She went the extra mile to make her teaching personal and individual. I always wished I could do 4th grade over again. I will never forget her.

4)My best friend, Mary
Through thick and thin this girl has stood beside me. We were the M&M Twins in High School, dressing alike and always hanging out together. She was one of the few positive things in my life when things seemed so bad.. and she was always encouraging and patient even though I was probably a bit insane at times. She put up with a lot to be my friend and I will always be glad to have spent such wonderful years with her. The only regret is that we are now 1500 miles apart. She needs to come boot stomping in Texas!

5) My best friend, Mary's Mom, Marilyn
Along with Mary, there was always her mom. She was kind and open-hearted and always willing to share her home with me. She even did my laundry for me! She cooked meals for me, she drove me to work, and she cared about me. Having her in my life when I felt that all grown-ups were against was a wonderful thing to have. I will also never forget the love and faith that she had in me, regardless for me being a reckless teenager. I have always termed Marilyn as my second mom.

Each of these 5 people deserve more then just "a notice" that they are special to me, but these are the 5 that I nominate for The Noticer Project. I wish to thank them for all of their love and support; I want them to know that I will never forget their love and generosity.