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Jul 18, 2009

The Sunday Salon~ Books and BBAW

The Sunday

"What is the Sunday Salon? Imagine some university library's vast reading room. It's filled with people--students and faculty and strangers who've wandered in. They're seated at great oaken desks, books piled all around them, and they're all feverishly reading and jotting notes in their leather-bound journals as they go. Later they'll mill around the open dictionaries and compare their thoughts on the afternoon's literary intake...."

Happy Sunday to you! July is just whizzing by, isn't it?! I have been reading "Twilight of A Queen" by Susan Carroll this past week. This is an entertaining read, more so then I had thought it would be. Not that I expected a 'bad' read, I just assumed it would be dark and moody, but there is a male character here who is just a joy to read about. Although if I knew him in real life I think I would have to slap him a couple times. The novel is regarding 'the Dark Queen' Catherine De Medici, the Dowager Queen of France, mother to three kings. She is a formidable character in a lot of books out there that are begging to be read by me. I am especially waiting for C.W. Gortner's next release, and I do not want to be burnt out on tales of her before I get to his novel. He thinks it is in final draft *crosses fingers!

I have not read the previous 4 in this Dark Queen series by Susan Carroll, but I certainly intend to, especially since I have had them patiently waiting for me for the past year or so. I even have Susan Carroll's 'Bride Finder' series which I snagged first edition hardcovers off of Ebay on a slow day. Have I read those? Nope. (insert sigh here). I am a Book Glutton. I should be a Charter member of Bookaholics Anonymous. Bibliophile. There are so many books yet so little time. I could go on.

I think I am going to read a quickie book next, I've been eyeing "The Blue Notebook" by James Levine so that might coming up. Then I've got some Austen sequels to review for the end of August and that means I have to read Pride and Prejudice! And Phillippa Gregory's The White Queen is in there somewhere also..

If you were around sometime last September, you would remember the first ever Book Blogger Appreciation Event. My Friend Amy has announced this week that it is happening again this year, and I am excited because it will be my first time participating. I didn't start book blogging until December/January, so I'm one of the newbies still. There will be special guest posts, daily blogging themes, and giveaways. I plan on hosting giveaways here and joining in on the community spirit, so I hope to see you there! It is from Sept. 14 to Sept. 18th and you can find all the information on how to register for the event here. Nominations are now open for your fave blog in different categories at this page here.

If you have an iPhone, have you downloaded the Barnes & Nobles iPhone App? I did, and it is pretty neat. Not that I shop there, the closest one is miles away.. But fun if you go out somewhere like a friend's house, take a picture of a book you like there, and the app finds the book for you at B&N Locations. This does not work on the older titles though, as it is only recognizing books from its current databases. I took a shot of Norah Lofts' "A Rose for Virtue" and it came up as an Animal Encyclopedia. Not quite. (The book is old.) It is a very neat idea, though. Download it now for free for a limited time.

My darling sweetcakes husband bought me ANOTHER Bookcase, so now there are 3 bookcases in the hallway, and 2 smaller ones in my room. Woohoo. I have almost an entire bookcase to fill up. Bring it on! I love a challenge. On my booking Through Thursday I mentioned something along the lines "build it, they will come" in regards to my empty bookcase.. then BOOM I get an Email that I won $100 in Alibris cash to use on their site!! WOOHOO I haven't gotten that special coupon code that will allow me to spend the free $100, but I sure have my wishlist filled up and ready to add to cart! Is that an awesome win, or what? That is Special with a Capital S.

Remember my Birthday from a couple weeks ago? Well my mom's gift has finally shown up:
From Cupids Charm (Handmade Vintage Style Jewelry):
Portrait of Marie Antoinette, painted in 1762 by Martin Van Meytens at age 7 years old. The background is handwriting from a copy of the official French Revolutionary inventory of her jewelry, dated 21 August 1795. It is very pretty, the back of the pendant is also the inventory sheet. Just need to find a pretty sterling silver chain now, which shouldn't be too hard online. And thank you to Ms. Lucy for showing me the Cupid's Charm website when she did, I then had some fabulous ideas to tell my family what I actually wanted for my birthday.
I also got a set of Swarovski earrings from Cupids' Charm but I can't find the pics anymore, the website just keeps saying Sold Out. They look to match the beaded drop that is on the pendant. Very pretty.

Mom bought another piece from her, but it hasn't come yet. And she said it was the bigger piece, and I just found out that there will be an extra piece with THAT because of the delay. I love spreading my birthday out. Almost makes turning a year older worthwhile.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend. And remember to sign up for the Book Blogger Appreciation Week, I am starting to think of the giveaways already!