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Jul 25, 2009

The Sunday Salon~ Elizabeth Woodville On My Mind

The Sunday

This week I have been rediscovering my thrill for the Wars of The Roses. A wonderfully intriguing era of England which lasted for about 30 years before Henry Tudor, father to Henry VIII, finally came to the throne. There are so many people involved, so many families and fates sealed that it is a story that keeps breathing new life into itself every time I start reading about it again. And so it is with my current read, The White Queen by Phillippa Gregory. I am happy to report that I am enjoying the novel for its historical fiction and entertainment value; I am unabashedly calling this a must read especially for newbies to the era. The book is being told in first person by Elizabeth Woodville (or Wydeville) who married the Yorkist King Edward IV. She had many children, and two of them were the ill-fated Princes in the Tower that many can recall the story of. Did Richard III do it, or some even say Henry Tudor? Did they both die, or did Prince Richard escape only to reappear as Perkin Warbeck years later? Elizabeth's eldest daughter is Elizabeth of York, queen to Henry VII.

This is a subject I can go on and on about, but I do not want to just be repeating the billions of other blogs and sites that are devoted to the topic. I will say that Alison Weir's book "The Wars of The Roses" and "The Princes in the Tower" were very interesting reads, but please read some fiction on the subject to get you going first! Otherwise most of the texts are overflowing with names, dates, battles and facts that the true drama and sense of emotion is taken out of it. The fictional account of Elizabeth Woodville as The White Queen is a wonderful introduction to the period, and must of course only be taken at its entertainment value. If it peaks your interest as I hope it does, then most certainly move on to some of the very informative books out there on the subject. I also have Desmond Sewards' book on the subject, but haven't gotten to reading that one yet. I have read David Baldwin's book "Elizabeth Woodville" and found it lacking the insight one expects to receive when wanting to know more about that particular person. But the book was excellent for a review on The Wars of The Roses, and not a large book at that, so another good summary to get your interest peaked. Then once you have formed your opinions about what really happened to the princes, you need to head on over to Goodreads Group for some debates! There is a fun Richard III group that I enjoy, and they are doing a group read in September I believe of The White Queen.
While I perusing Richard III threads at Goodreads Groups, a note was posted about the passing of Ikonopeiston who's real name was Jemimi Victoria Finley Fowlkes. I was so sad to learn that she died of kidney and heart failure. I wanted to post it here not to be morbid, but to just write it in case anyone who knew her online had missed the announcement. And then of course I hope she is not upset that she is mentioned in the same blog post that I am touting Phillipa Gregory's new novel, I hope that is not too much for her soul to bear. She was a beloved member on Goodreads and everyone valued her opinion and thoughts, especially regarding the Medieval Era. My heart goes out to her husband, Roy. Rest in peace, Ikon.
I will have my review up of "The White Queen" closer to its publication date in mid August. I had wanted to do a sort of a group review with my fave fellow bloggers out there but it seems they may not get their books in time. I'm holding off posting my review till I know more of their schedule. So we'll see how that idea goes, but if anyone has a review to do on The White Queen and wants to join in, let me know and we'll see what develops :) I will most definitely be doing a giveaway for a brand new copy of the ARC of "The White Queen" at that time as well.


I must mention that you must come back tomorrow for my Monday Mailbox post, because I am still in awe of the wonderful reads that came my way. I just cannot get to them fast enough, unfortunately. I have had some great mailbox monday's lately. (see them here). I will be busy for years to come.

I have to mention that Historically Obsessed had a fun post about Historical Barbie Dolls, technically they are Gene Dolls but still fun to look at. See the original post and click the links to the photos.

As promised, I have been mentioning my birthday presents, and I've got a great piece to show you that my mother bought for me which I just received. I love this, the real lace inside is beautiful vintage Bridal Lace. Click the picture to learn all about it, this bracelet is called Antique Beautiful Limoge Roses & Lace Bracelet. My mother spent way too much money on me this year; (see last week's post to see my other present from mom) I can't help but wonder if she is trying to make up for the fact it is my first birthday without my father here. Thank you mom, you don't need to spoil me like crazy (but I LOVE it!!)
Generously added by Joy since my present was late for my birthday I also received a matching Heart Pendant to complement my bracelet. Thank you to you too Joy!! And if you are new to my blog, you need to see my original Birthday Post where an awesome Anne Boleyn bracelet is featured as a present from my husband. And this is the last post you'll see about presents.. whine.
While I was going over to look at pictures, I found the artists' Blog, where she posts her creative ideas etc. And I was so thrilled to see so many pictures of her workspace, it was so adorably vintage. Have a look at Joy's vintage heaven here at her blog called Notes from a Charmed Life. This is her blog and not the official website where you can order jewelry from (
So what's been going on in your world this week? Join The Sunday Salon and post all about it!