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Jul 1, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday - The Fighting Tudors

Sponsored by "Breaking the Spine". This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is:

Product details:
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: The National Archives (31 Aug 2009)
Language English
ISBN-10: 1905615523
ISBN-13: 978-1905615520

No Product description on Amazon. David's website says "Military Imagery and Reality"

Hmmmm. Let me know if you know anything else about this one.

EDIT TO ADD: Thanks so much to DamnedConjurer!! (LOVING that name) Took the guess work away, and we now have a Product Description:

"A fascinating portrait which vividly brings to life the people behind the battles - monarchs, statesmen, courtiers and seadogs - and the ships, weapons and tactics which determined whether they lived or died. When Henry VII seized the throne after the Battle of Bosworth, his crown was far from secure. Yet for more than a hundred years his descendents ruled in England, surviving religious turmoil, rebellion, foreign armadas, diplomatic crises and losses overseas. Some of them went reluctantly to war whilst others embraced its potential, yet all relied upon military success for their own reflected power and prestige.

The Fighting Tudors explores this extraordinary dynasty's strategies for survival, and shows how military action to defend the throne became a sophisticated propoganda tool. It traces the great battles of the Tudor reigns, from campaigns in France and Scotland to the crises of the Armada, and reveals their public and private impact upon individual monarchs - Henry VII, the 'sea king' who pledged to bring peace to his ravaged country; Henry VIII who loved traditional jousting yet commissioned cutting-edge ships for his standing navy; Mary, whose loss of Calais compounded the disappointments of her reign; and Elizabeth, whose dramatic speech at Tilbury became a defining moment of her reign.

Ambitious courtiers and military commanders mingle with volatile monarchs and great seafarers - Drake, Hawkins, Raleigh and Frobisher - who through exploration, plunder and courageous defence finally brought England dominance on the seas."