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Aug 10, 2009

So You Wanna Get Published ~Part One~ Tips from Author Mary E. DeMuth

Mary E. DeMuth, Author and Speaker
(Below is Part One, click for Part Two and Part Three)
Mary DeMuth is an accomplished author, speaker, mom, wife, blogger and of course an inspiration to women everywhere. She writes a blog devoted to tips for those who want to get published at Wannabepublished. Rather than be part of the Author's Secret Society Club, a promise that she made to herself if she ever became a published author was that she would in turn share her trade secrets with the world for those that are curious. She thrives on being a part of a writer's' journey towards publication. I had the opportunity to film one of the events that she hosted in our hometown, and I am thrilled to be able to share my experience with everyone everywhere.
The Burton ReviewI personally do not have any real experience on the Publishing business except for receiving and reviewing Advance Readers Copies. But during this series, I will share my thoughts and helpful links to places where I think you'll find some helpful information. Obviously, the first point of contact to recommend is Mary DeMuth and this link here at WannaBePublished as it shows her specific journey written out which is also highlighted in the videos.

Please be advised these videos are not stellar, not a movie for effects, it is here to just to learn what Mary had to say in a short amount of time (about a total 0f 40 minutes which will be spread out over the next few days). So sit back, relax and the keyword: listen to Mary's speech. And then it cuts off mid-sentence..(insert snarky smiley face here).. I apologize but then you have to watch Part Two. Click only the middle red X to play the video. You will also get a pop-up of another window for an advertisement, just close that. Then click only the Green X in the middle of the video. And finally, on the bottom of the video at the left corner, click the play button arrow. YouTube doesn't upload videos longer then 10 minutes so this was my only option.

Part One (about 14 minutes) discusses the following:

~Introduction to Mary, her career and her writing journey

~Giving Back (see my next post regarding more on giving back)

~Conferences (such as and
~Proposals and Queries, what to do and not to do (also see
~Literary Agents (watch out for irreputable agents and see AAR/ Association of Author's Representative

So, do YOU want to get published? Do you have any questions for Mary? She would love to answer them for you. Leave your comment here and Mary will come back to this post and answer them for you as they come.

For marketing, I have come across Bostick Communications who are very good at reaching out and marketing your book. They have a large database of reviewers and they will send out emails for a book that you are willing to mail out review copies of. The blurb: "This service offers authors, publicists, publishers and PR professionals the ability to send press releases regarding books published within the last year to our database of over 20,000 book reviewers, print, radio, television and internet media contacts as well as buyers in independent book stores for only $175." This is quite an effective tool.
Self-Publishing packages range from $799 to $3999 depending on what options you choose. Some examples here.

The next post will have more information on promotion, info on giveaways, and the importance of the online presence.

More about Mary DeMuth:
Wife, and Mom to two.
Author of Christian Fiction books, including the newer Defiance Texas Trilogy: Daisy Chain, (Book One) with Book Two releasing in October, 2009, A Slow Burn.
Also available for purchase are Wishing on Dandelions; Watching the Tree Limbs.
Parenting books include Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture; Building the Christian Family You Never Had; Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God.
She began to speak at Professional Events in 2004 and has two blogs:
"So You Want to Be Published" She does a free critique a week there! Are you up for it? Visit her blog to get tips and ideas on your own writing technique.

You can also schedule an initial consult with Mary: $75 to evaluate your professional needs. This fee will be credited to whatever package you choose. Click here for more information.

Part Two Video coming tomorrow at 2:00 P.M., with a lot more of my editorial commenting specifically about the blogosphere, but for now please feel free to start asking questions about anything regarding publishing or a Mary DeMuth related questions and she will be checking in to answer them here.