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Aug 12, 2009

So You Wanna Get Published ~ Part Three ~ Final in the Series with Mary DeMuth

This is the final post on the Publishing Series with Mary DeMuth and So You Wanna Get Published hosted here on my blog.

Part Three Video of Mary DeMuth (about 14 minutes):
~Marketing with the Publisher
~Book Catalog
~Finished Copy of Book!
~Publicity: Radio, Interviews (*I must mention for you BlogtalkRadio!! Fabulous resource!)
~Advance (Money!)
~Royalties (once you outpace the advance!), Percentages (split with publisher)
~Question Session
~The Burton Review is mentioned.. woo hoo my voice is on a video (That I filmed and put on my blog, okay be quiet, you hecklers)

The Burton Review I am not a writer.. yet.. I don't have a novel spinning around in my head yet, or the intense desire to write a book at all. I have dabbled in short stories in my younger days, which I kept to myself, and I enjoyed writing poetry. Several were award winning at my high school, I believe one was worth $10.00. I took Creative Writing in school, and enjoyed the AP English courses. I was the News and Features Editor for my middle school's newspaper. I used to say I wanted to be a writer or a teacher when I grew up, and that is the end of my writing career experience. When my brain gets back to functioning (when the toddler grows up) I actually plan on pursuing the plan to be an aspiring writer. So for now, I'll stick to critiquing books and learn what I can as I do so.

But I know that there are ALOT of others who are ahead of me, and that you just devour any information about learning new things to get you closer to your goal. So I've scoured the Internet for you, because another nickname I had at my old job was Jeeves. They'd say how do you spell this, or I wonder how to do that, and ~voila~ Jeeves (me) would speak up and answer. I had preferred the title Google Queen, but Jeeves is what stuck. So to bring back Jeeves for a moment, I am sharing the best of what I found for those who are on that journey to getting published.

Please begin your journey with my two previous posts of So You Wanna Get Published, featuring Mary DeMuth which also includes external links. (Part One and Part Two)

The Burton ReviewOn Writing & Agents:
Mary Danielson's blog as a guide to writing and living
Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency
1000 Literary Agents, another database
Association of Authors’ Representatives
Writer Beware
Agent Query ~ 2009 Best Website for Writers Award 5th Year in a Row~
Do's & Don'ts Summary
WEBook Services and WE book blog(tips and resources)
Advice For Authors

The Burton Review
How to Market Your Book?
Obviously, Get Connected! The online social media network has so many different platforms for you to use. This is a must-do, and the more platforms you are visible, the better!
The Book Market has many different topics of Marketing
4300+ members at group to share ideas, tips and tricks.
Some Numbers regarding Self-Publishing
Duotrope's Digest: free writers' resource listing over 2550 current Fiction
Pitching Tips

The Burton Review

More on Publishing Tips:
Twitter! There are so many Publishing Articles that get twittered. Always put your website in your profile, regardless of what platform you are using.
I found this one immediately via Twitter: Literary Agent Nathan Bransford
Self-Publishing Tips on Publisher's Weekly Blog
book Review Self-Publishing
The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing by Tom Ross, informative google books view

The Burton Review

That's about all I am going to inundate you with. This So You Wanna Get Published Series has been fun for me and I hope it helps someone at some point. A big thank you to author Mary E. DeMuth for allowing me to film her speaking event. Be sure to visit her blog and show her some love as well. Her list of books can be found here and here.