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Aug 16, 2009

TSS & How Do People Find My Blog Meme

The Sunday

The Sunday Salon we are supposed to talk about Books. I also use it as a sort of weekly Burton Review Newsletter type thing where I spout off about whatever I want to ..

Found on J. Kaye's book Blog a Meme "How do People find My Blog?" and just decided to add it to my Sunday Salon post.
If you are on google reader, you need to click on show original to see my stats as my results are in photo format.

I chose google analytics to see the results. There is not anything out of the ordinary here as far as keyword searches except that the review was spelled as revoew but at least they still found me. Those searching for Twilight Giveaway were disappointed if they were looking for the Stephanie Meyer's Twilight books.

Ok since that wasn't too fun I went to My StatCounter (who are absolutely awesome) profile and found "Recent Keyword Activity" and found some fun stuff such as:

Heather Burton Dragons: hmm only thing that matches the blog would be Burton;

Beauty of Elizabeth Woodville: goes to the few posts I did on book reviews etc.

My Personal Favorite:
Hemophilia How Much Prize for Fatter: eeeekkk I can only fathom..

And the longest search term:
What are the names of Elizabeth's sons, the princes in the Tower, who are the basis for the mystery

Click on pic to enlarge and see more fun terms for just the last few days:
click here

On with normally scheduled Sunday programming and what I did this week. I installed a tool I found on a computer blog that blocks IP ranges, so that the Psycho troll cannot visit from that IP range any longer. Thank you so much to WebUpd8 for this, Andrew was so helpful to me. Blogger doesn't offer this service, and Wordpress does. What is up with that? Anyone else in the UK using Tmobile may also be blocked but that doesn't bother me as long as Psycho Troll goes away. I will give it another week or so to verify that it is working and then I'll turn comment moderation off. And a shout out to a column by Book Reviews by Bobbie which was timely for me.
I am almost done with The Day The Falls Stood Still, by Cathy Marie Buchanan, and it is another winning debut novel. I will be hosting a Guest post and a Giveaway for this book on September 1st, and it is a wonderful post about some of the history of the Niagara and a legendary rescuer. I finished Darcy and Anne by Judith Brocklehurst and that publishes tomorrow.
This week I was referred by Serena at Savvy Verse & Wit to and I am going to publish snippets as a Dallas Literature Examiner. Some content will be duplicated as I get my groove on, but I would appreciate any clicks there as that will generate a small income for me (gumballs, lollipops..)
If anyone is interested in this venture for themselves send me an email. There is alot of set up that is required beforehand and they also would like at least 3 articles a week to be submitted, so before you think of jumping in, think of how an extra time requirement for 3 articles a week would affect you. And I didn't realize that till after the fact. Again, I would love for you to stop by my articles as they come, you can subscribe on my profile page and you will be notified when new articles are posted. If you go there now you will get a sneak peek of a review that I haven't posted here yet, for Darcy & Anne.

Yesterday I received an ARC of Anna Elliott's second novel in the Trystan and Isolde trilogy "Dark Moon of Avalon", due out in May 2010, and I CANNOT WAIT to read it. I loved her first novel. I wish I could jump in right now but I have several others to read and review.. several is being used loosely.. Anna is expecting her second baby also any moment, so I hope she is doing well!!!

My Publishing Series is complete, although my stats show alot of visitors, I didn't get alot of feedback except from those that probably felt pity for me (thank you!).. there is alot of information; comments are welcome for you to input any tips you want to share as a book blogger to future visitors.

AND last but not least.. my bookcase arrived from CSN Office Furniture!! See my Review here and a mini video on that adventure. And that's all folks! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! {Panicking that school starts soon for the second grader..}