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Aug 8, 2009

Twilight of a Queen Giveaway Winner!

Hello Blogger Friends!

The Book Giveaway for Susan Carroll's "Twilight of A Queen" ended last night!

I had asked a question to go with your entry, so there were one or two who didn't qualify.

I had 21 official Entries to Randomize and here are the results:

Congratulations, Emily!

If Emily doesn't respond etc. then Sue is next in line.
This book is coming from Random House, so as soon as I get your mailing address I will forward it to them. Congratulations! I hope you like the graphic, I was feeling a little creative this morning since I am having writer's block. I simply blacked out for my P&P review/reaction and am so glad that's done and outta my head. Reading Darcy & Anne by Judith Brocklehurst sometime today.
It's been such a weird week for me in blog land. Most of you know why. I have lost my blogging mojo because of it. But I also went to the author event for Mary DeMuth and I filmed it. I have no idea how to separate the film into 10 minute spans and that's the maximum that YouTube allows. I hate when I can't figure technical stuff out. The film is separated into thirds (by my husband who has no time for this stuff) at 14 minutes each and I spent two hours uploading all three of them to You Tube only to learn at the very end that they were rejected for that reason. Would be nice if they mentioned that before I wasted two hours. And now I have a smoke detector in my foyer, on the insanely high vaulted ceiling, that has been beeping since 4:45 yesterday afternoon. A friend suggested shooting it with her husband's gun, and I am definitely entertaining the idea.