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Sep 15, 2009

BBAW Interview Swap!! Please Welcome Jessica!!

This event is an effort to expand other blogger's knowledge of the other niches and blogs that are normally out of their realm. A great way to meet new bloggers, and a great way to learn about another genre, and in this case my primarily Historical Fiction blog discovers Young Adult!

In honor of BBAW week, we have Jessica from Chick Lit Teens answering my questions to her. And you will find my interview at Chick Lit Teens today as well, so please pop over there and say hello!! I am a total nerd when it comes to doing something new, & the interview process is something new!

Here is my interview of Jessica:

Your Blog focuses on Young Adult reads. How long have you been blogging, and what drew you to blog about YA in the first place?
I started my blog a little over a year ago. Before that I'd never so much as read a blog, so it was a completely new concept for me. YA, and books in general, has been a passion of mine for a long while. The idea to start a website devoted to that passion was one that had crossed my mind a few times, but it wasn't until I wrote my first review that I actually put my ideas in motion. Once I started reviewing YA I fell in love with it; it combines two of my loves: reading and writing.

Did you receive any BBAW nominations this year?
Unfortunately no, I did not receive any BBAW nominations this year. However, I was able to work with Amy and many other wonderful bloggers on planning BBAW's themes, which was an honor in its own.

How many YA Books do you read and review in a normal week?
Generally I read anywhere from two to three YA books a week. Review writing is a little bit harder. I usually aim for a review a week, but it all depends on what books I read that week and how strong of an opinion I have about said books. I strive to only write reviews when I have a definite opinion of the book, that way I'm not publishing a lot of lukewarm reviews.

What is the one thing about YA reads that you would like everyone to know?
Just because it's YA does not mean it isn't well written. This is something that I encounter more often than I'd like to. People immediately write off YA as watered down, simplified stories meant only to serve as mental candy for teens. I challenge anyone who has trouble believing that to pick up one of the wonderful YA books out there, they'll quickly be proved wrong.

What are the sources of your review books?
My review books are from a plethora of sources. Some I buy myself, others are sent to me by authors, and more often than not I get them from publishers.

If someone wanted to start a YA Book Blog, what are some pieces of advice that you would share?
The first thing I'd tell them is to focus on content and getting involved in the YA blogging community. Writing quality reviews about books you care about, getting into contact with other bloggers is the best way to start a new blog.

Do you participate or host in any special features on your blog?
My postings are rather sporadic, but one I always love to put together is my Cover Judge feature. I'm the type of person who judges a book by its cover, so it's a lot of fun critiquing my favorite covers from upcoming books. I also have a book trailer feature that I post whenever I'm able to find enough trailers for upcoming books. And, of course, there's The Story Siren's In My Mailbox which I participate in every once in awhile.

What is your favorite part of blogging?
Hands down the best part of blogging is getting to read so many great books and being able to rant and rave about them without interruption. :)

Who are some of your favorite authors and which books?
Ooh that's a tough question. Some of my favorite books are the Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray, The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, and Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. For authors I'd have to say Sarah Dessen, Shannon Hale, and Michele Jaffe.

For those who do think they know you, what is one thing you could tell them about yourself that may surprise them?
I've never read Harry Potter. In fact, I haven't read a lot of what I call "fad" books. It took me forever to grudgingly read Twilight. When I read I like to make a personal connection with that book, and when a book is that huge it's hard for me to do so. I guess you could say I like to be driving the band wagon not riding it.


Thanks you so much, Jessica, for visiting me and my blog!! Now everyone, please say HELLO to Jessica =) And stay tuned to enter more giveaways and join in the fun for the Historical Fiction Bloggers Round Table Event!