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Sep 19, 2009

The Sunday Salon:A Fabulous Week is over, let's look at the stats!

The Sunday

It has been a fantastic week for the Historical Fiction fans out there, if I do say so myself. For the entire previous week from Sept. 14 - 18, I and six other bloggers created guest posts, interviews of each other and scheduled author posts along with some fantastic giveaways. This was the inaugural event of The Historical Fiction Bloggers Round Table, and while we certainly need a break now, I hope to do this again sometime. The announcement post is here at Enchanted By Josephine who was an amazing organizer of my scrambled ideas, and I thank Ms Lucy very much for being so willing to jump in and help out with the major stuff. {{Big bear hugs to Ms Lucy!}} Amy from Passages to The Past also posted a wonderful round-up post, go check that out as well.
I started seven new historical fiction book giveaways this week, you can find them on the left sidebar. I hosted authors Michelle Moran, Kate aka Kathy Lynn Emerson, and Robin Maxwell.

You can find the rest of The Burton Review posts for the event here, which will also direct you to the other Blogs that have some great posts up as well. I also wanted to thank the few who wanted to jump in and participate in this royal week, such as Aimee from My Fluttering Heart, and of course Susie from All Things Royal. Check those blogs out, because there is another royal giveaway going on! Thank you for making this a successful week for me.

Of course this also brings the end to the annual Book blogger appreciation week (BBAW) & it has been interesting to read along for the Daily blogging topics for which I also added a couple of posts along with the HF Bloggers Events this week. I told you who my blogs-as-bible are that I rely on for reviews, or these listed here that belonged on any shortlist if I was a panelist, I interviewed a new-to-me-blogger, Jessica, from Chick Lit Teens (who also enjoys Historical Fiction), I told you my reading habits, and I told you where I wanted to be this time next year Blog-wise. I really enjoyed reading every one's compliments and comments on my blog, by the way. I hadn't started book blogging until March & I am so honored to be able to say I've made some fantastic friends, particularly with those in my Historical Fiction genre. Arleigh from, Lucy from Enchanted by Josephine and Amy from Passages to The Past wrote some really nice and complimentary things to me and it is what makes devoting so much free time to blogging a worthwhile past time. These six months have really changed my life.. and I love my fellow bloggers! Yup, it's only been 6 months as a book blogger, but it seems much much much longer.

I also entered some of the contests on the actual BBAW website, some of the giveaways were pretty cool. Bookmarks and gift cards were my favorite giveaways! And I just learned I won The Wet Nurse's Tale, set in Victorian England, from Carrie's site at Books and Movies. Thank you!

I am glad that Amy of My Friend Amy and all of her helpers had a successful event this year, like Sheri from A Novel Menagerie who has redesigned her blog in the midst of helping out for the BBAW and being a single mom. I really love her newest look, it is fresh and easy to navigate. Arleigh at has just revamped her site as well, have you seen that yet? It's very classy and neat.

There was a question I saw on the BBAW site about what blog have I been introduced to this week, and I entered My Fluttering Heart, because I found out from Meghan's Medieval Bookworm blog that Aimee is also a Burton. That was a fun bit of news for me, (I'm a Burton, if you hadn't noticed) and Aimee said that we Burton's need to stick together.. Meghan is going to be married soon so she goes from a very unique last name to not quite so diverse with Burton. Meghan is a total sweetheart with a great blog that I've followed for awhile. And Aimee was so kind to participate in our HF Bloggers Round Table Event also.

With all the hubbub of the BBAW and the Round Table, some may have missed the review I posted Sunday on Book Review: "Girl Mary" by Petru Popescu. This week I started reading "The Other Mr. Darcy: Did you know Mr. Darcy had an American cousin?" by Monica Fairview. With all of the HF Blogger festivities and me watching DALLAS, The Eighth Season instead of reading, I am not getting anywhere at all. But the book is great, it really is. Which brings me to another question I saw somewhere on the BBAW: How do you feel about the myriad of Austen Sequels? I was surprised at how many people were turned off of them. Obviously, I am not one of them, unless you are talking about monsters and vampires because that is just not my thing. But when a classic read, like Austen, inspires others so much that authors have decided to spin-off from the classy prose, I am all for it. I enjoy the Regency Era, and the elegant writing it promotes. I grew up reading Charles Dickens, Louisa May Alcott, L.M. Montgomery, Margaret Mitchell, Agatha Christie, have recently discovered Georgette Heyer.. and if there are modern writers that aspire to that literary prowess than I am eager to read their works.

What was the effect of the Historical Fiction Bloggers Round Table Event statistics wise? I estimate at least 20 new followers to my blog.

I had an average of 220 Page loads each day.
I had an average of 100 FIRST TIME visitors each day!
This may sound like peanuts in other worlds, but in my world, as opposed to the Previous week:

I normally have average of 70 page loads a day, and 50 First Time Visitors.
And here is a fun look at Recent CAME FROM stats: Looks like the Google Reader followers was my friend again, along with the blogger dashboard from followers, and BBAW Giveaways that I hosted for the HF Bloggers Round Table Event. The next highest referring links came from the other members of the Round Table event.

Normally for me, the MOST fun statistical thing is KEYWORD Activity but the last two days have been pretty normal. Lucky googlers have found what they were looking for it seems.

Although the "I love to show off" search term has me thinking what was that person really looking for? And my giveaway for Robert Hicks "A Separate Country" got some attention as well. One would wonder about the search term David Starkey & Creative Writing being used in the same sentence, though. My most popular pages are shown with the # of hits recently:

I used Stat Counter to compile these reports, and I have since deleted the images that were on this post.

Edited to add that WANDA has won a new hardback of "The Day the Falls Stood Still" by Cathy Marie Buchanan from my giveaway here. Congratulations, Wanda!