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Oct 11, 2009

The Burton Review Policy


2016 Update
I am NOT accepting review requests at this time.

♦For Publishers, Publicists, and Authors♦
I do accept certain books for review, but on a case by case basis (*& never e-books). The genre I review is Historical Fiction. Due to the multitude of books that I already own that I would like to read, I will only consider historical fiction and non-fiction books (regarding historical aspects, eras or figures). Please email me to request for me to review a book for you. I will not guarantee a time frame with which to review a book, but I will let you know at that time what time frame I am working with at that time. If you are pushing a book that has to do with European royalty or within the Tudor genre, odds are your book will be pushed to the head of the bunch and I will be thrilled to accommodate your request. If you are pushing a historical romance, it may take a bit longer, but not as long as six months. Again, it depends on the book, my current review pile, and your publication date. My accepting a book from you does not infer a positive review. I rarely accept books that I don't think I would like, so we may not have a problem. But if there is, I am honest within my reviews though I am not hateful. I can also post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and LibraryThing. See my review list to see what books I have rated thus far and see the style of my reviews. I do appreciate authors who reach out to bloggers and offer their books for our enjoyment. We can easily be best friends =)
♦For the FTC::My Free Speech::♦

"If there’s an expectation that you’re going to write a positive review,” said Cleland at the FTC, “then there should be a disclosure.” Cleland's Speech
I accept books from those who expect a review. An honest review, which means a not- so- positive or even a negative one, whatever my personal opinions may be. Do not expect a positive review. I give positive reviews if the book warrants it.
I do not ENDORSE books for the publisher/author, I state my opinion which is Free Speech. I do not consider receiving books as compensation for a review; true compensation would be paying me an hourly wage for the time it takes to read a book, and write the review on the book. I do this as a hobby. This blogger is not affiliated with a specific publisher or author and does not receive monetary compensation from any of the above. I do not receive monies or books or products towards the annual cost of my domain.
I disclose in my reviews and my "Mailbox Monday" posts the source of my books. Most are bought via used bookstores, Paperbackswap; sent by a publisher or author, and some are gifted from giveaways.
I have stated before that I have set up an Amazon Affiliates store, so if you click a very specific Amazon link and actually purchase that very specific book through that link or through the storefront, then I will receive 4% of that purchase. It hasn't happened yet, but if it does, I will tell you right here. And if it does happen, that will go on my tax return as well.
Disclosing for this disclosure: I am just trying to keep the bureaucrats happy. All about disclosure.