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Oct 10, 2009

The Sunday Salon~ The Week

The Sunday

Happy Sunday to everyone! I just completed Elizabeth's Women by Tracy Borman which is a non-fiction account of the women in Elizabeth's life. I enjoyed it, stay tuned for my review in a day or two. As an added feature, you will get a look at my thoughts as I read the book concurrently with Heather at The Maiden's Court, so you will be privy to both of our reactions at the same time. I am now going to move on to read Harriet and Isabella: A Novel by Patricia O'Brien. This is a story about the scandal that affected Harriet Beecher Stowe when her brother was caught having an affair and the family was dragged through very public court proceedings. A big departure from Tudor England reads but I am looking forward to it.

During the week I noticed all of the news regarding the FTC and their warning to bloggers. Chasing Ray, a blog run by Colleen has posted two articles there, and one is a letter from her to publishers regarding the FTC notice that is effective Dec. 1, 2009. In short, the whole thing is about the bloggers receiving products, for free, to review. We must openly state we received the item for review, but the FTC assumes we are writing positive reviews because the provider expects that in exchange for the product. I found the most informative piece at Galleycat though, complete with a picture of Richard Cleland who probably hadn't read many book blogs. All we have to do is disclose what our relationships are with publishers, or that we received the book from so and so to review. I have a little blurb in my right sidebar that explains my views. But it was nonetheless fun to see all the reactions and opinions going around. but for the most part I am pretty sure all of my fellow book bloggers have always disclosed where the source of the book was. I do not believe we have many book bloggers out there who consistently give raving reviews of books either, even though it may seem that way once someone gets to the point of choosing better authors to review in the first place. Which is where I've started to get to that stage of not coming across a bad book in a long time. Which is a good thing! Although this is a hobby, my time is precious, and I am not going to waste my time or yours giving false reviews. but I never considered myself an endorser of publishers, which is what the FTC is implying.

Has anyone seen a good flick in the theaters lately? I want to go to the movies this Tuesday, but nothing looks spectacular. Except for the kids flicks, but we get enough of that at home already and I would like a temporary departure from animation. Any suggestions?

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Happy Sunday everyone!