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Nov 18, 2009

Women on Wednesday!

Susan at Rocks n' Reads West of Mars hosts Women on Wednesday.

This is a new meme to spotlight favorite FEMALE authors, as Publisher's Weekly has recently published their Best Reads of 2009, without a single female writer on their list.

So now we get to give the Women a Weekly Meme!

Susan says:

"WOW — Women on Wednesday.
Every Wednesday, write about a book you loved that’s written by a woman. Celebrate a woman author whose books you love. Talk about a book you’re dying to read.

Well, everyone who knows me or my blog knows I love Georgette Heyer, Jean Plaidy, and Louisa May Alcott. But I wanted to spotlight someone who is alive, and who has the talent to be on the 2009 List.

Today I am going to pick Michelle Moran as a fabulous female author who had a fabulous book published in 2009.

She is beyond generous and helpful to the book blogging community, with promo bookmarks along with the books.. signed bookplates.. and even sending an authentic Roman coin as part of her promotion for her recent "Cleopatra's Daughter" novel. Despite all this wonderful marketing, her book itself could have been mediocre. But it wasn't. All the book bloggers who ran special posts and review Michelle's work seemed to be an unending adventure for awhile, and as the hype has died down, we all know that this author is a 'keeper'.

Her book was a wonderful read that I truly enjoyed, and I have not read one slightly lukewarm review of this book. She is definitely an author who belongs on my top ten of 2009 list.

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