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Dec 10, 2009

Booking Through Thursday~ Mark The Spot

Booking Through Thursday is hosted by Deb:
What items have you ever used as a bookmark? What is the most unusual item you’ve ever used or seen used?

I use a regular bookmark 98% of the time, which is typical of the one seen here.

My current favorite since my birthday in July is a bookmark with the image of Ophelia by John William Waterhouse, which I received from fellow HF Fanatic Arleigh. I have made some bookmarks, and I gave one to my mom, but that's as far as they have gotten as far as being productively used.

If said typical bookmark of mine is somehow lost (such as when I fall asleep in bed), then I find a temporary placeholder such as a tissue, napkin, iPhone..
I cannot think of any strange-out-of-this-world type of bookmark that I have used or seen.

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