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Feb 7, 2010

The Sunday Salon~ Emma part #3 on tonight for most of you..

The Sunday
What a crazyyy week. And I feel for all those folks who are having to deal with the excessive amounts of snow. I pray we don't get any more ice storms in Texas, but I do know we are in for some more rain storms. Sogginess.

 I was on a roll with my reading last week, and then hit a brick wall where I so least expected it. I was so disappointed, because most of you who know my reading pleasures know that Georgette Heyer is one of my absolute favorites of all time. So how could she disappoint me so? I picked up The Masqueraders.. on Sunday I think it was.. but kaboom. I was so confuddled confused at the plot and it was all such a puzzle I was ready to pull my hair out. I plodded through for days it seems.. and I finally got to about page 100 and I understood.. and only then did I begin to finally enjoy the experience. And the kick in the pants was that I had to read other reviews.. all gushing and explanatory.. a-ha! That was it! One particular review explained it all to me. Sigh. Sometimes I feel ignorant. Hoping to finish it Sunday PM. Annoyance with myself for not understanding the subtle magnificence of the beginning.

And onwards to the Jane Austen thought of the week.. have you watched the Masterpiece/PBS Emma? Lucky me got to watch both of the last episodes last Sunday, as the Dallas market decided to run both of them. So I didn't get to record the third episode and that sucks. I was totally enamored and I forgot to go run and record it when it unexpectedly came on. I truly enjoyed them.. the last episode was truly awesome. I was utterly totally in love with Jonny Lee Miller. I think I am still am, even after finding out that he was contracted to Gerard Butler (of Spartan movie 300 fame) in 2003. But wikipedia only mentions that he is now married to Michelle Hicks, and was once married to Angelina Jolie. Things that make you go Hmmmmm. He is still yummy.. and those that watched the first or second Emma episodes are in for a real treat with #3. JLM is awesomely adorable.

And so of course with my giddiness over Jonny Lee Miller I suckered myself into purchasing the BBC versions of a boxed sets of Austen 'movies.' Or BBC episodes. So I inserted Emma's disc one last night and promptly snored. The Masterpiece PBS version is so much better... the BBC was like watching a misguided Are You Being Served.. so I don't know how far I'll get here with this $40 set. I'll take it slow. I may just have to switch back to my tried and true Dallas with Larry Hagman. Or the X-Files set that has been collecting dust for many moons now.
But.. to keep me in the mood for some Austen: (YouTube video)

I also need to add the news that was on Historical Boys:
Fox's new show "Past Life" which premieres Feb 9th is inspired by The Reincarnationist and sequels by M.J. Rose. (Excerpt)

In other reading and bookish pleasures this week I will be chatting with author Leila Meacham (ROSES, 2010) February 10th at her reading and book signing at Legacy Books. It would be great to meet a book blogger there so if you are attending the event, let me know! I will also post the review for the book this week.

I will begin Donna Russo Morin's The Secret of the Glass for our next Round Table event. I wanted to read some Jean Plaidy, such as Madame Serpent, but the debacle with The Masqueraders totally set me back in my reading schedule.

And onwards to housekeeping.. the winner for my exclusive newsletter giveaway of Alison Weir's newest book on Anne Boleyn was Sheila Miller.. And I will mail out the book next week!! Congrats!

I still have two giveaways going on for the now nearly famous O, Juliet by Robin Maxwell & the excellent reissue written by Ciji Ware, Island of the Swans, they each will end around 2/12 so be sure to sign up.

Take care.. stay warm!! Oh yeah.. Go Saints!!!!!!!