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Feb 14, 2010

The Sunday Salon~ Masterpiece Classic: Northanger Abbey tonight! Happy Valentine's Day!

The Sunday
Many of you know that I live in North/East Texas. And if you don't .. now you do. And my goodness, these parts of Texas got some record breaking snow Thursday and Friday! So, the kiddos and ME stayed home on Friday! A snow day.. and that is something I have not had since my days of growing up on Long Island in New York.
It was truly fun to watch the kiddos' first experiences with the snow. Reminiscent of my old days so very much gone by.. and so odd how time seems to rewind and flash forward quickly in these nostalgic memories. The kids are off for President's Day also, so they get a 4 day weekend!

I have just finished reading Donna Russo Morin's newest novel coming out soon, "The Secret of the Glass". It is not a quick read and I am not going to be gushing over it. This is a read for the Historical Fiction Bloggers Round Table, therefore it won't post until that week of the 20th.  But, I will still have another review to post for you this week so you won't miss me. I am posting "Hugh & Bess" by Susan Higginbotham next week. And already posted for you this past week are two reviews: Roses by Leila Meacham, and The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer.

I have just begun to read another great Sourcebooks reissue: Young Bess by Margaret Irwin (1889-1969). This was first published in 1944 and I am about 120 pages into it (after just starting it this Saturday) and enjoying this one very much. I have always admired Elizabeth I, and this is a story that is focused on her younger years, and the turbulent Tudor times of when Henry VIII dies leaving his young but sickly son as his heir to the kingdom. Book 2 in the trilogy will be reissued by Sourcebooks in October 2010. I love the easy writing style of Irwin; this should be a happy and quick read for me.

The highlight of my week was meeting the author of Roses, Leila Meacham.
It was truly a fantastic experience, and Leila now has a fan for life. Read my post about meeting Leila, and what I learned when I spoke with her, at this post. And for an extra special treat, Hachette Book Group is sponsoring an awesome book giveaway of Roses for lucky commenters on that post! So please stop by, and read my thoughts, and enter for you chance to win Roses! Thanks to Miriam for setting up the meet and greet with Leila, it is a memory that I shall hold dear.

Onwards to TV news.. the Masterpiece Classics show Return to Cranford is available for viewing online until February 16 only.. so hurry up and get over there. Did you see Emma which aired January 24-February 7, 2010? No? Watch Emma Online through March 9th!

For Valentine's Day on Masterpiece Classic is an adaptation of Austen's Northanger Abbey! I am so looking forward to it, as I was one of those Austen fans that really enjoyed the Masterpiece version of Emma.
The two book giveaways for Ciji Ware's Island of the Swans, and then for Robin Maxwell's O, Juliet each concluded 2/12. The winners have been notified via email (which is why I require your email address so be sure to include it when you enter my giveaways!). You have until Monday PM respond to my emails.

Winners of Island of the Swans: Holly and Lizzy!

Winner of O, Juliet: KELLY
Congratulations, and don't forget to enter for my newest giveaway of Roses!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day everyone!