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Apr 3, 2010

The Sunday Salon~ Happy Easter!!

The Sunday

Happy Sunday! Grab you mug of cocoa/coffee/tea, click the pics to visit other virtual reading rooms.. what are you reading this week??

And it's EASTER today... YAY I love Easter. Enjoyable bunny prep, lots of candy, ((CHOCOLATE!!)) and fun egg hunts!! It's of course only fun like that if you have little ones, and I qualify there, so I intend to enjoy it while I can.

And Easter will always be a little more fun because the day before Easter 2007 I brought my little boy home from the hospital for the first time. And I was a good mommy that year and made sure that I had everything prepped before I had the little brat. Yes he is a brat now. He was a brat in my belly too, come to think of it. Oh well. Someday he'll get his comeuppance.

This week I did not get a lot of reading done; I had finished Christine Trent's The Queen's Dollmaker, and began The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott by Kelly O'Connor McNees. I love Louisa May Alcott and this story begins as she is a young woman struggling with the constraints of family obligations over her own ambitions.

On Monday I reviewed Within the Hollow Crown by Margaret Campbell Barnes which I recommend for those interested in the period relating to Richard II. I also reviewed The Founding, book one of the Morland Dynasty, by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles.

The Historical Tapestry blog has a great list of new historical fiction posted this week for the month of April. A great month for readers, it is going to take me a year to keep up with April!

Coming up this week, the Historical Fiction Round Table Bloggers will bring you all set of different posts surrounding the release of Stephanie Cowell's Claude and Camille!! Be prepared to to be inspired, as I have been. I even felt much more in tune to the museum visit we had on Friday, and I was incredibly touched as I was inches away from Monet's paintings. Amazing stuff.

Don't forget to schedule some Tudor-themed reads for May, June and July, as I will be hosting the Tudor Mania Challenge here at The Burton Review! There is a post here with all of the details and see how you can participate in this challenge. I want to use this post as a chance for everyone to learn about new Tudor-themed reads, both non-fiction and fiction. I look forward to the challenge and I hope to see you there. There is a button on the top left sidebar that you can snag for your sidebar as well, I would appreciate you spreadinng the word for the challenge!

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates! I am hoping the lovely Dallas weather of late keeps itself sunny and shiny for the eggs hunts! Enjoy!

PS Last week I had a newsletter contest for two different books: My hubby picked numbers and the winners are:
Mystica gets Fireworks over Toccoa
Michelle Miller gets What Would Jane Austen Do?

Congrats! I'll email you shortly!

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