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May 29, 2010


Happy Memorial Day!!
I love to celebrate this day because it was May 31, 1994, sixteen years ago, that I flew in from NY, landed in Texas and called it my home. Despite missing my best friend, it is still the best decision I have ever made and I am so glad that I have zero regrets about it. I have a fantastic family and a wonderful future to look foward to as I watch the kiddos grow before my very eyes in our lovely Texas home. Peace and happiness throughout. Tranquil thoughts.

Wistful thoughts. Thoughtful thoughts. Sad thoughts. Memorial Day is a say day for many, as it is day to remember those that died while serving our country. May they rest in peace, and know that they are loved and never forgotten. We thank you. May American get out of Afghanistan so that we do not have more than already 1,000 soldiers who have lost their lives in Afghanistan alone.

Rest in peace to Dennis Hopper, one of my favorite actors ever who had not a very easy life, and to Gary Coleman, who was actually a big part of my TV viewing in my young days and who did not seem to prosper from his childhood career. Also, Art Linkletter passed this week, who was a bit before my time, but very ,uch a well respected member of the TV world. Prayers and my thoughts to their families.
And since this is a weekend when many Americans realize they need a break, like me, many won't be reading blogs, but they will be celebrating life and love and family and enjoyment. Go for it.

One of the many butterflies I'll be sharing nature with this weekend.
And as a side note... the By Fire By Water giveaway goes to Tea and CritterCrazyJen! Emails have been sent, and congrats.

Enjoy your fantastic hot-dog lovin' weekend.