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May 12, 2010

Every little girl needs one of these..

Bathroom vanities, bedroom vanities.. have you seen the selection they have to offer at this site?
They offer an amazing catalog of vanities, including a fabulous set for your bedroom which my daughter has. This beautiful vanity is a focal point in her room, and it is so perfect for her! The Powell Heirloom 36" Cherry Jewelry Armoire Vanity Set comes complete with many drawers, including a ring drawer, and a fantastic side opening cupboard for her hanging jewelry. It comes with the matching bench and my little girl loves to sit at this vanity and imagine her as a princess dressing for the ball. The size of the other drawers are just perfect, and we have them separated out for headbands, bracelets etc. The main drawer is used for her little makeup sets. The mirror is adjustable too, so you can slant it down for the little ones.

This is something that she can have forever and pass down to her own little girl when the time comes. This was a thoughtful gift from a cherished friend, and likewise, this vanity will be cherished for many years.

As part of CSN Stores promotion, I will also review another product from them as soon as I get it! Stay tuned!