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May 16, 2010

The Sunday Salon~ a two book giveaway twice

The Sunday

Happy Sunday! Sip along with your lukewarm coffee from this morning, click the pics to visit other virtual reading rooms.. tell us..what are you reading this week??

Let's tell you what I've been reading and where I am online today.. Yes, I've been interviewed! The fabulous blogger Maria Grazia interviews bloggers most weeks, and she has selected me to be her Blogger Buddy this week. Visit the interview at her blog and enter to win the Double Book International Giveaway I am offering.

This week I have finished reading Jane Feather's newest historical romance titled "All The Queen's Players". The review also qualifies for the Tudor Mania Reading Challenge, which is my review #2 for the challenge and therefore I am winning so far =)

I am now reading Catherine Delors For The King which is to be released early July 2010 and is another Historical Fiction Bloggers Round Table Event. And I am really enjoying this read which is very much written in a mystery format which I do enjoy. The last one I read I had devoured in a day, which was 31 Bond Street by Ellen Horan. That was set in New York in 1857, and For The King is set in France after the revolution in 1800. I have seen comments where some readers were not enthralled with Delors previous novel, which was written in a first-person narrative in a memoir style, but this style is entirely different so don't let the opinion of her first book sway you from reading this one. Of course there were some that loved her Mistress of The Revolution and I have no doubt that many will enjoy For The King as well. It is fast paced and includes the details of the period without reading like a textbook. It is all put together very well.

This week I will host an author guest post from new author Mitchell James Kaplan on May 18 in honor of the release day for By Fire, By Water. This was an inspiring read that dealt with the political and emotional turmoils of the Spanish Inquisition as seen through two very strong characters. Read my review here, and then come back soon to enter for the two book giveaway with the author post.

The giveaway of the autographed copy of the new release for D.L. Bogdan's Secrets of The Tudor Court goes to the very lucky winner of Jennifer of Rundpinne! Congrats to her.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday and gets prepared mentally for another Monday to come. I am not ready.