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Jul 14, 2010

Fun Times

Luckily over the past month I had gotten a lot of reading done, and that is why I have had reviews scheduled weeks out. So even though you have thought you've seen me 'here', the last few posts have been scheduled and so are the posts for the next few weeks. Which is great, because I have had zero chance to do much of anything on the blog-front expecially since I have no internet at home. And then my work computer was stolen, and I am so behind trying to get the data all up to date. When I have a chance to sit down at lunch time or at nite-nite time I have been slowly reading Karen Essex's Dracula In Love which is due out August 10, 2010. It is definitely entertaining for me, but unfortunately I've been exhaustingly busy... picking apples..
(all from the backyard!)
and pears, too!
(shower door comes later)
adding shelf liner to the bathrooms and kitchen... a thankless job that gave me bruises and headaches..

decorating my massive closet for my own giddy pleasure..

and really embracing the little girl in me. I love having a closet that is bigger than some bedrooms. Still working on the library, so those pics will come later!!

But... the end is really not in sight. And I am exhausted.