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Jul 9, 2010

Tudor Mania Challenge Update

Here are the tallies to date of the Tudor Books that have been read and reviewed (12:45 pm CST 7/9/10) for the Tudor Mania Challenge which ends 7/31/2010.
You can still join in at any time, and follow the directions on the original post. Thanks to the following bloggers who have participated thus far:

Book Addiction - 4
Living and Loving in California- 3
Bippity Boppity Book - 3 - 3
The Burton Review- 3
Lady Gwyn's Kingdom - 2
Enchanted By Josephine - 1
Historically Obsessed - 1
Stiletto Storytime - 1

I have one more Tudor review to post, but I haven't read any others than that last one. Anyone else going to try and get some Tudor reads in this July? I will try to get one more read.. it will be a Challenge ;)