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Aug 19, 2010

For those annoying continuous Emails..

I love Goodreads because I can keep track of my books there. I also like to see what other reviewers are saying about particular books before I make a purchase, and it is all right there at my fingertips without the fuss.

There is a group on Goodreads that is called Free Book Giveaway.. which I have joined and entered a few of my Book Giveaways there to promote this blog. Now I get an email several times a day from the group, with members posting their own giveaways. Which is great for some people, but it gets tiresome to me because the group itself is not separated out into genres. Therefore, every book giveaway promotion that is offered is getting emailed to me.

This can happen in any group, where any topic is discussed within that group that you are a part of, and you are about to get a slew of unknown emails about any discussion, which can flood your inbox.

So I found a way to set your settings in Goodreads Groups. You can set your emails to digest, individually or weekly. In the general settings I had already changed this to Digest which included all my groups, but at this time for some reason in the individual group of Free Book Giveaway I had to go in and edit the membership
(which was a pain to figure out, so I thought I would share my adventure with you):
Go to the group homepage, and find
You are a member of this group (edit membership) which is on the right side pane. Click the Edit Membership link.
Another screen comes up with these options:
You can either Leave the Group, or click another time where it says:
group discussion update emails
edit group discussion updates (Click this)

And then the list of every topic comes up and the first one is ALL which is where I clicked to recieve this in a DIGEST, which negated the individual emails.

Alternatively, if you are someone who LOVES FREE BOOK GIVEAWAYS!
Go to this Goodreads group, Join, and you can edit your membership to Individual and you will be alerted each time a member enters a book promotion there!

Good Luck!