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Aug 12, 2010

Goodreads Interview of Philippa Gregory

Book bloggers everywhere are touting the newest Philippa Gregory release, The Red Queen, as a success.. me being one of them. I have a giveaway going on here at The Burton Review for the first two books in the series of The Cousins' War, and a hardcover giveaway chance at The Historical Fiction Connection site. Be sure to enter at both blogs to increase your odds!

I was very intrigued with the interview that has posted at Goodreads with Philippa Gregory.
First of all, there are going to be at least SIX books in the Cousin's War series!! Something to look forward to, probably to be released yearly. If the books continue to be entertaining I will eagerly await each one. She is also working on a collaboration book with David Baldwin, who wrote and excellent bio on Elizabeth Woodville that I enjoyed.

Another interesting tidbit is that even though the newest book The Red Queen is Lancastrian in nature, the author herself is a Yorkist who still believes that Richard III should have been the true King. I would never have guessed this after reading The Red Queen. I am on the fence, but wanting to lean towards Lancastrian as they had the most legitimate descendancy according to a line I recall from the newest novel.

Philippa's favorite historian is Alison Weir, whom I have found other readers loving to hate, just as they do Philippa Gregory. I like them both. I still have many of her reads to get to, as well the rest of Philippa Gregory's novels that I would like to read also.