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Aug 27, 2010

In Pictures

What a busy summer its been! Many life changes have occurred for me, and many are for the best, and some days have been full of trials.
I could be writing about all the great things I've been reading lately.. but I've been busy enjoying the great outdoors this summer, and wishing my flowers would thrive.. (maybe next Spring).. but it has been a summer to remember!

So, I decided to post some of the best things of the summer today (in pics!). School started for the 3rd grader this week and I am looking forward to hearing of her experiences this year. And perhaps the three year old will decide it's okay to go potty in the actual potty. But, one day at a time.
We did cave in, and got little rodents, aka dwarf hamsters, for the kiddos. They're cute! (REALLY!) A fun addition to our little family.

 Picture taken just before sunset from my front yard. It was fantastic.. and humbling.
This American Flag was my husband's 50th birthday gift this summer.

C'mon babies, grow!

This fantastic one of a kind birdhouse and matching stand was bought from a sweet craftsman at the side of the road during one of my summertime shopping trips. 
May the Lord bless and keep those close to me. May you
walk with sunlight shining and a bluebird in
every tree... (I've been enjoying the cardinals in my yard!)

Thanks for reading, folks! Enjoy the last of the summer!