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Aug 7, 2010

It's a Weekend Wrap up

Nope, won't call this a Sunday Salon and post it on Saturday like I did last week, heaven forbid.. since someone Twittered at me asking if I knew it was just Saturday and I posted a Sunday Salon. I had explained in that post that I still do not have internet at the house so I was cheating and composing the post from work.

Rules schmools.

At this time Saturday,Sunday, whenever you are reading this, I wanted to update my friends on the three different giveaways that are still open right now at The Burton Review.

His Last Letter: A Novel of Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley by Jeane Westin.. the giveaway post is here with the interview I had with the author. You can read my review here.

I also interviewed Cecelia Holland for her new book release The Secret Eleanor, and offered the giveaway with the interview post here. I am currently reading this novel now, and it is different than many of the Eleanor novels I have read as it includes more insight to her sister, Petra's, character. Not sure if I am enjoying it yet or not though, I think I have been oversaturated with Eleanor of late with this being my 4th or 5th read with Eleanor this year.

And last, but not least.. the book review I just posted for Philippa Gregory's The Red Queen! What an interesting read it was for me, and I really enjoyed it. I have a new ARC of The Red Queen and a new paperback version of The White Queen up for giveaway to one lucky winner on my review post here. And for those interested, my previous review of the The White Queen can be found here. These were both 4 star reads for me.

That's all for the current giveaways at The Burton Review. When I posted the last two reviews that I had for this week, I made it to review number 44 for the year of 2010. I am pretty much on target, though I still have plenty of ARC's to read that I have skipped over for time reasons only. I will get to the ARC pile, I promise. It is a thorn in my side, actually. Which is why I have been pretty good and not accepted new review requests in a long time. I wish I could read a lot more and give a lot more attention to first-time authors but I am just running out of time with working full-time, the house, the kids, the husband.. etc.

Also posted this week was the Tudor Mania Challenge Wrap Up!! Again I wanted to thank those who participated, and congratulate the two winners who each got to choose a book from The Book Depository:
Living and Loving in California read 5 books, and Cortney chose The King's Grace as her prize;

Bippity Boppity Books read 5 books and Holly chose Elizabeth & Leicester as her prize.

I had read 6 Tudor Themed books, but I wanted to read at least 4 more that are still on my shelf. I tried. I shall get to those too, eventually.

I added a poll to my right sidebar =----->>>>
I would appreciate it if you would offer me some feedback as to your reasonings for visiting the Burton Review. I just wanted to see WHY you visit The Burton Review. Is it just for the giveaways, or do you like reading the reviews also? Inquiring minds want to know.
I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer... it's been extremely hot and humid in Texas, which is the norm of course. The pool water is at least 85 degrees itself, so it doesn't quite cool me off when I jump in. So funny when I think of where I grew up on Long Island how folks would put solar covers on their pools to try and absorb some heat into the water. Somehow I am going to attempt to freshen up the flowerbeds this weekend without having a heart attack. Wish me luck!