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Aug 2, 2010


The FINAL results of The Tudor Mania Challenge are:

The Burton Review: 6 books
Living and Loving in California: 5 books
Bippity Boppity Books: 5 books
Lady Gwyn's Kingdom: 4 books 4 books
Book Addiction: 3 books
Enchanted By Josephine: 1 book
Stiletto Storytime: 1 book
Historically Obsessed: 1 book

A big thank you to all of those who have participated in the Tudor Mania Challenge here at The Burton Review!
I had posted preliminary results previously but we did have some last minute entries, and the above totals reflect that.

Skipping over me, we have a tie for second place, with 5 books a piece between Living and Loving in California and Bippity Boppity Book. Of course, I didn't think that far ahead as to what to do when there is a tie. Dopey me. I figured I could offer up a wide variety of books from own library at home that the second winner would enjoy, but that means alot of work of discussing them and then packing and mailing them. And that is not something I have the strength for. And my local post office is a scary place to visit.

I am just going to award both of them the grand prize, any book available from The Book Depository, up to $15.00 each. So, winners.. please email me your mailing address within a few days, and the link to the book you have chosen from The Book Depository!!

ENJOY! And Congratulations!!! Thanks for entering The Tudor Mania Challenge!! A little birdie told me that there just may be another reading challenge in the works from a fellow blogger, this one will focus on the Stuart era! I will let you know if I hear anything else about this one!