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Aug 18, 2010


Every now and then you come across an interesting article online and you read it in its entirety. So I read this article today called Turn Ugly Dresses into Nice Ones for $1 and I was inspired. Nope, I can't sew, so the idea behind this phenom is not what struck me. Sadly (apologies to Gramma Erma, the Crochet Blanket Queen) I realized at age 6 my abilities were lacking...

The setting: Mrs. Cooney's first grade class, Oxhead Road Elementary School.
The task: Sew a pretty purple scarf along with the rest of the class.
The crime: Stitch, knot, purl, knit, tuck, under etc. was all Greek to this youngster.
The outcome: Long chain-like strings for the cats to chase.

And so while the rest of the class continued to sew pretty little scarves for their mommies, I was allowed to read to the rest of the class during the Sew-A-Scarf time. The book blogger was born. =)

The point of the blabbering here.. the article that I read directed me to the Blog for the New Dress a Day, and this girl is the cutest thing eva!! You have got to run over there and read some of her blog posts, she had me in stitches!!! tee hee!