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Jan 24, 2011

Elizabeth I & Henry VIII Documentaries on National Geographic Channel

On Tuesday, January 25, 2011 there will be two shows that I am definitely recording and wanted to make sure fellow Tudor fans knew about these shows:

Airing on National Geographic Channel :
Secrets of the Virgin Queen, 8 pm CST

They called her the Virgin Queen England's first Queen Elizabeth, a revered ruler in her own lifetime. Yet behind her fame lie many dark secrets, and an unsolved mystery Why didn't the queen marry and provide an heir to the throne? For centuries, rumors have swirled of claims of illegitimacy, adultery and even that the queen may not have been a woman. Now NGC reveals the startling stories and secrets behind England's Virgin Queen.

Inside the Body of Henry VIII, 9 pm CST

Take a journey inside the body of England's most notorious monarch: Henry VIII. A team of medical experts, biographers, and historians investigate what caused the great physical and mental changes in the king. Was it from diseases such as syphilis, diabetes or malaria? Or could his favorite sport, jousting, have sparked his medical problems? Experts study Henry's childhood trauma and delve deeper into his lifestyle and adult injuries to better understand this powerful king's body.
I hope you get to watch them! The Elizabeth episode is from 2011, and the Henry episode was first aired last year. If you miss these airings, keep your eyes on the TV Schedule to search for upcoming airings.