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May 17, 2011

Where have I BEEN?!

Where have I been?! So many things have been keeping me busy, chipping away at that golden free time, but I've been enjoying myself too. But, reading has taken the back burner. Expect more of this for the next 4 months as summer comes. I do not like to be on a review schedule during the summer so I will be a bit here and a bit there during the summer. But I do have plans of reading outside as the kids play, as long as I get all the weeding done etc. I do want to read more Plaidy and Heyer, they each have been pushed aside due to new releases, and I am going to move away from the advance reader copies ASAP. I am doing very well on the pile though.

For now, I am diligently working at catching a few pages a day of Robert Parry's The Arrow Chest.. but that's not adding up quickly. I hope to gather my wits and "git 'er done" as we Texans say! It's a good book too, but you know that already after I have seen it making the rounds on the blogosphere.

So what HAVE I been doing besides working and not reading? Meet Sweetie. An adorable little gal who is two and a half years old. She needs some TLC, and I am happy to give it.


I grew up owning cats, but soon enough they were replaced by human beings (my kids) and now it comes to the point where we can hopefully enjoy having a furball that doesn't live in a cage in my daughter's room(referencing her three dwarf hamsters).

So, when we moved to this house a year ago, we were pet-less. Now we have accumulated two fish tanks, the three hamsters, and Sweetie the Spoiled. Not to mention the Cardinal babies outside.

This little nest was discovered in an old flower pot that I was GOING to replace this spring. Mama Cardinal had other designs on it though. Poor thing sits on the hanging basket until we go outside and off she flies, and watches from the trees to make sure her babies are safe. She already lost one of three from flying out too fast. They should hatch soon.. we'll see!

And I drove a tractor this week. We had a wicked storm which downed lots of tree limbs so I was tractor duty while the husband was on chainsaw duty. Fun times. Sorry, no pics of that but I was tempted. =) One word of advice: Don't put an iPhone in the back of your pants and expect it to stay there when you're driving a tractor. I had a little dance going while I was fetching it out of my pant legs.

And we decided to take a break, and take the kiddos fishing out front, and I, of course, loved the happiness of the four year old when he caught fish all by himself!! Daddy was going back and forth between the two kids' poles so he didn't bother baiting his own pole. It was fast and furious.

And of course there was Mother's Day and a day of relaxation of me and the cat.. and now the cat loves to sleep in my bed on my legs. Of course I do my best not to disturb her. Why, I don't know.

I think it's the subliminal messaging she gives me during the day:

You will not budge when I am resting on you.

You will feed me tuna and turkey.
You will think it is cute that I knock all of your stuff down.
You will spend more money on my gourmet food than you spend on yourself.
You will not be annoyed that I have taken over your library.
You will learn to enjoy all this and more...
So silly! I forgot I wanted to mention that there will be a fun Scavenger Hunt Giveaway in honor of those who ARE NOT going to the BEA!!! It's going to be a blast.. and two other fantastic blogs will be joining in for the super duper giveaway.. three blogs contributing to one grand prize.. Stay tuned for the details this Sunday!!!!