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Sep 14, 2011

BBAW Community & Finding your Place

Today’s topic at BBAW!
The world of book blogging has grown enormously and sometimes it can be hard to find a place. Share your tips for finding and keeping community in book blogging despite the hectic demands made on your time and the overwhelming number of blogs out there. If you’re struggling with finding a community, share your concerns and explain what you’re looking for–this is the week to connect!

The Book Blogosphere has grown by leaps and bounds since I started blogging in late 2008, and it is impossible to keep up with all the blogs I would like to. Since I work full-time and have a 9 year old and a 4 year old, I don't have as much time as I used to. At first when my free time started to dissipate, I did become overwhelmed because I felt like I was not participating as I should. Then I had to realize the purpose of my book blog, and that it was for personal reasons and should not be treated as a job. We do not get paid monetarily for reviewing, and it is a hobby, and I should always step away if I begin to feel stressed.

There are a few number of blogs that I comment on regularly. I try to follow on Google Reader, but mostly that is a once in a month type thing that I browse through. And when I do try and comment on Blogger platform blogs, the comment forms that are embedded do not allow me to post with my gmail/google/blogger account, so all that happens is that I get frustrated with the technology. I would like to comment, but sometimes I just can't, and for the pure fact that it is a rare occurrence for me to have something to actually add to the conversation- I get really annoyed when I attempt to and I cannot. That's when I stop blog hopping.

I have found that the best community feature that has helped me is the Facebook platform. Others use twitter, but since that is a real-time conversation type thing, I find that it is useless to keep up. Facebook has been the best thing for me and easiest to keep up with. Most of my facebook friends are actually bookish friends.. so if you want to be my friend there you are welcome to!