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Aug 18, 2012

Saturday Snapshot

To participate in the Saturday Snapshot meme post a photo that you (or a friend or family member) have taken then leave a direct link to your post in the Mister Linky at Alyce's blog At Home With Books.

I had a really rough week which you can read all about on tomorrow's post, so I haven't had any camera opps. So here's something from my closet. I am a collector, as most of us who have libraries probably are collectors of more than books.

I collect everything from Precious Moments and other various figurines to books to Barbies. I worked at a gift shop in New York for a few years when a teen and it caused my collectors' habit. I've slowed down in the doll collecting fields due to space, but thank goodness my daughter can hold half my collection in her room, and I can have about another quarter in my closet which you see here:

If you look towards the middle and to the right, there is a Francie doll there in the blue coat. She was Francie with Growing Pretty Hair from the very early seventies.
There is my very own Annie doll to the left, and more to the left of her is my baby doll that my mother used to make me and her matching dresses. Under her is my favorite Barbie doll I played with, Loving You Barbie from 1983.

Everything's bigger in Texas, and I am blessed with an amazing walk through wrap around closet that is bigger than my old bathroom + master closet combined...plenty of room for collections, jewelry, perfumes, storage boxes, my clothes, full length mirrors, seats and even my husband has his own side with a pretty row of picture frames. Yes, when we were touring the house before we made an offer, this closet was KILLER and really helped make my decision to buy it. I say all this to those home buyers out there: closets closets closets... they are essential!

So what you see here are dolls from my very own childhood that I played with and new additions. There are Cabbage Patch Kids (& a Koosa!) on the bottom, and then some more Barbies that I've collected since about 1994. I pretty much stopped when my father passed away almost four years ago, as he was the one with the disposable income to get me the pricier ones, and I've moved the collecting bug towards books, which thankfully I have a library for.

If you look on the bottom shelf, there is a Barbie dressed in black pretty much alone (Suzy Goose furniture keeps her company), that pretty Silkstone was one of the last Barbies my father gifted me.

I have more Barbies, actually many many more in their boxes, but you get the point.