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Nov 26, 2012

Announcing the winner...

Thank you to everyone who is a new Email Subscriber to Burton Book Review as they signed up for their chance to win the box of books!! Just one shy of reaching 100 email subscribers!

I'll be doing a new Exclusive Email Subscriber Book Giveaway soon for my four year blogiversary, so please stick around. I just need to go through some of my shelves and pull some more books out. At this point I have been doing more collecting than reading, so I need to stop collecting and start reading! (Not to mention the multitude of eBooks that I've gotten this year!)

Here is the winner of the Black Friday Book Bonanza Giveaway!

Awesome iPhone pic of the computer

Colleen Turner! 

Congrats to you, Colleen! I hope you enjoy these reads! Send me your mailing address and I'll get these books out to you!

I normally do a Monday memes post today with what I've been reading, but since not a lot has changed from last week due to the holiday bustle I do not have much to report except for making my third goal of the Goodreads Reading Challenge..I had increased my quantity of books twice and now I have completed 75 books. Which is better than last year, so I am happy! I have been such a good girl since Summer to not accept review books, so now I can feel like I can relax. This year has really flown by, I cannot believe it's time to get out the Christmas decorations already!! 2013 will bring me the chance to read my collection of books that have accumulated over the last 4 years, and less review books again. I hope it will be a good reading year!

See you next time! Happy Cyber Monday!