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Feb 27, 2013

William Marshal series by Mary Pershall

Thanks to inka for sharing this on Goodreads

I had recently acquired some Mary Pershall titles that are out of print but looking like a lot of fun for reading by the beach type of thing, so I wanted to share with you. If this is deja vu, it is because I had posted a few of the titles in a mailbox post a few years ago. I've received a new shinier set now, with the addition of the last title and these copies are in a lot better shape. Has anyone read any of these? I would love to know if they merit the steamy covers, but I'd venture to say there are some romantic scenes.. and would make for a great buddy read/read along/book club discussion, perhaps. A little birdie told me the heroine of the first one was TSTL. I had to ask what that meant, and the answer is Too Stupid To Live. Definitely beach reads, eh? In my case, by the pool with a margarita or two.

Information is hard to find on the author. It seems she also writes children's books with her daughter and has another pen name of Susan Shelley.

My pretty  maids all in a row..

Lady Eve MacMurrough, fairest of Erin's fair flowers, her flashing emerald eyes held secrets no man could resist. Defiant daughter of one king and willful ward of another, she would bring the purity of true love to her marriage bed.
Sir Richard FiztGilbert deClare, sitting astride his great black war horse Taran, no English knight was bolder. To the tempestuous Lady Eve he had pledged his troth, but he longed to posses in timeless ecstasy her wild, resisting heart.
Born in a fierce, feudal world as cruel as it was courtly, theirs was the rapturous love destined to change the face of the Irish nation forever.

Isabel de Clare. Her tawny beauty was a King's prize, to be locked within a brooding castle until she exchanged its gray walls for a husband's tyranny...

William Marshal. The towering knight armed with a will of steel, he conquered Isabel's senses in a single blazing night.

Lovers bound by destiny. His power matched her pride. Their passion was a battlefield with no quarter given - and none asked. And with every battle they gambled what they held most dear...the tenderest of loves, in the heat of ceaseless challenge so dearly gained, and so easily lost...

Eleanor Plantagenet. The raven-haired princess of the roses, betrothed as a child, betrayed as a woman- an innocent flower waiting to be plucked by the stranger she must call her lord.. her master.. her husband. William Fitzwilliam Marshal {fictional son of William Marshal}.
The powerful Earl of Pembroke, his castle was a possession defended by his mighty sword; his bride was a royal prize granted by his king... Their destiny was desire. His passion demanded her surrender. Her pride refused to yield even as her body submitted to a traitorous pleasure in his arms. Theirs was a fierce battle of hearts, where looks could wound, where words could kill, where wanton desire drover her into rapture's flames... but kindled a war that could destroy all they cherished - or inspire the triumph of glorious love eternal...

Roanna Royston. The beautiful tavern wench from the lusty London docks whom fortune made a lady...she was as bold and rebellious as the wild mane of hair that tumbled 'round her shoulders - until one man's savage passions possessed her.

Giles fitzWilliam. The bastard son of one of England's noblest families, the stableboy who became a knight....he longed for the fiery tempered Roanna, had always wanted her, would never stop wanting her...

Destined for Danger, Desire, and Triumph.
While all of England writhed in the flames of rebellion they loved and fought with a passion that could never be conquered. Surrounded by treachery, accused of treason, forced into captivity, neither would surrender...until a final ravishing climax brought the lady and the knight together on the peaks of burning love..

I also found this image on goodreads for the last title:

*whew, off I go to fan myself*