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Mar 23, 2013

To Post or Not to Post, That is the Question

I recently wrote an article about blogging and reviewing, and the merits of the three star review versus the five star review. Also discussed was whether bloggers should be told how to review, as in which review should go live if it is indeed a negative review.

I got so much attention on this post! Thank you so much for your comments, and I wanted to take this chance to express to all of you how happy I am to hear that everyone prefers honesty in their reviews, regardless of what that rating of the book is.

Along with honesty that is to be expected in the blogosphere, as bloggers we appreciate and EXPECT respect. We write these articles to get those comments, to have a discussion on our blog, to feel the love from fellow readers. We do NOT expect to be copied verbatim on to someone else's blog so that other person can benefit from the blog hits and then garner a discussion on their own site. If my content is getting taken 'fairly' for someone else's site, why should I bother posting anything?

This happened to my "To Review or Not To Review; That is The Question" post. Fellow blogger, yet a lawyer, so he knows the law -- took my post, and even the title of the blog post, and reposted my thoughts on his site. 

YES.. he linked back to my original post. So it is not plagiarism. As he was very quick to point out in response to my comment requesting permission or a heads up:

Marie - Do you understand Fair Use?

My use of an excerpt from your site is clearly within the Fair Use provisions of U.S. Copyright Law.
Passive Guy

I feel slighted and abused in the way this unethical lawyer behaves. As a blogger one expects that their words would belong to themselves. I would not mind if my reviews were posted anywhere with a link back, but this was clearly a discussion post, meant to gather readers in one spot (on MY blog) which he did not ask me for permission to use.

He is moderating comments on his blog, so feel free to leave your thoughts here. On MY blog.

Be careful out there folks, it's a slippery cliff we are heading towards.