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Jan 18, 2014

Ch ch ch chaanges...

Typing this from a snazzy new ZaggProfolio for iPad is awesome, but I'm still left wondering when will blogger ever update their platform, especially their blogger app? They are so slow to keep up with the trends of blogging, and trying to edit older posts is just a nightmare. Can't even center or format posts like you can from the computer, and how hard can a simple alignment command be? Can't even add links to text or images. Lame!!

My five year blogiversary was a few weeks ago -- still seems to be longer. My life has changed so dramatically with the reviewing life and it really altered my free time as it became my only 'hobby' (no matter how much I complain that it's really a chore!). New bloggers, beware! It will suck you in!

Luckily I have managed to quell the need to respond to review requests but I still review for pub companies. Meanwhile, since I've read so many other blogger's reviews over the last five years I have managed to collect a huge amount of books that I often wonder if I will ever read half of the collection I have amassed.

And now, five years in, I have also changed with my views of digital versus hard copy. Since I have that huge library, and books all over the house, I have run out of room for them. I don't like feeling unorganized, and with the stacks of random books around it seems much more tolerable to have a kindle library instead. Seems much neater! I can privately hoard books that I'll never get around to reading, bwahahaha!

And next week, my daughter turns twelve. Official pre-teen status. Today, she has been introduced to her very own kindle app. She has finally caught on to The Hunger Games craze. She read the first book on the iPhone (bluefire reader app). 

With 2014 in full swing now, I contemplate what I want to accomplish this year. I need to develop and grow in my career, as it is a job that I want to keep. Personalities conflict however.. and it is so very hard to maintain composure. It is a true test that I must ace. And then of course I must find a way to stop the downward spiral that seems to be following me elsewhere... oh, but let's stick to books before I depress the world!!

Several titles that I think I would like to get to this year are the Lowlands of Scotland series by Liz Curtis Higgs:

Sharon Kay Penman's The Sunne in Splendour is another. But then so is many of her others, such as the newer Lionheart and maybe even the sequel to that coming out soon.

I had originally thought I would want to read the Chronological bible this year, but instead I think I'm going to read more biblical books, such as novels on the major figures of the bible, from authors like Diana Wallis Taylor and Jill Eileen Smith. I also bought The Family Guide to The Bible, which is really of a franchise of 'family guides' to various things and so this specific name is not truly appropriate. It's more like a crash course on selected bible events. Still, I enjoy the easy format and pick that up when the mood strikes to read of biblical themes and inspiration.

I am expecting the Ragamuffin Bible to come in any day now from a recent giveaway win, and plan on reading that as well along with The Story that I bought myself for Christmas.

You can find all these titles at -- oh and there is another Roma Downey bible series, Son of God, coming out, and I scored the NetGalley of it! YES! Looking forward to that one as well.

Lofty goals already, plus the titles that I expect to review soon from favorite authors such as Erika Robuck and Robin Oliveira. 

And after that? Life goes on. Somehow I'll put a dent in my personal library, and maybe even be able to part with some titles after I read them. It really does seem silly to own so many books. But what if my daughter will read them someday? What to do?! I will have some giveaways as well but the thought of going to the post office scares the crap out of me. I hate going to our teeny post office which services 45,000 people. I even put a hold on my Paperbackswap account because I don't want to go to the post office. Plus these days, the PBS Credits don't really seem worthwhile to me any longer. Get another book to add to my huge pile, ah, not really smart...

The most important change for me personally this year is to force myself to enjoy life as much as I can. Life is really hell in a hand basket most of the time honestly.. and I simply need to give up trying to be perfect and just live. I'm 40.5 years old, I'm not getting any younger, things aren't going to get better so I just need to suck it up and go along with it. Find that inner peace that spirituality offers, and cling to it. I need to offer more of myself to worthwhile pursuits such as volunteering at church and for the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

And I must remember that somewhere in the world there is someone else who has it harder and someone who would love to be blessed with healthy children or a fancy car. Someone who doesn't have the option of choosing the couch or the bed. I will just be happy here on my couch.. somehow.

Have you had any revelations or resolutions for 2014? Are they already muddled up? Despite all the horrors and tragedies of the world, I still hope we all can sink ourselves into a good book, and enjoy living in that world, even if it's just for a few minutes before we pass out at bedtime.