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Mar 6, 2014

Desiring Lady Caro by Ella Quinn

Spicy fun while fleeing a vicious marquis of Venice!
Desiring Lady Caro by Ella Quinn
eKensington original April 3, 2014
Review copy provided by publisher in exchange for review at Library Journal Xpress 
Burton Book Review Rating:4 stars

Haunted by her past, Lady Caroline Martindale fled England for the solace of her godmother's palazzo in Venice. But if Caro was hoping to escape the charms of marriage-minded men, she's come to the wrong place. And she'll resort to extreme measures to spurn the advances of a dangerously determined Venetian marquis...

Though most of his friends have married off, Gervais, Earl of Huntley, remains bent on eluding the parson's mousetrap. But his convictions begin to falter when he arrives in Venice and meets his match in the alluring Lady Caro. What began as a hastily concocted lie to save her from the marquis may become a chance for them both to relinquish their fear - and embrace what they can no longer deny...

The Earl of Huntley and his Aunt Horatia's young lady companion have no idea how their lives will change as their two worlds collide. Out of a sense of chivalry (and taste for adventure) Huntley shields the Lady Caro from a vicious marquis as they flee from Venice by horse drawn carriages to escape her potential abduction. Huntley's and Caro's attraction to each other is quite mutual and sparks fly as they make their way from Italy to France. They sample exquisite food and each other yet neither one wants to be the first to say 'I love you'. Huntley is quite patient with Caro as he deals with her past hurts, and he will easily make any lady swoon just as easily as he did Lady Caro despite her weak protests. Easily can be read as a stand alone.

A very spicy romance with a likable set of characters with a thrilling sense of danger lurking around the corner. The intriguing plot makes the pages turn swiftly though sometimes the flow seemed to miss a beat from one thought to the next. Even though the sexual tension was the heart of the story, there was still enough to the story to endear us to Huntley and Caro. The sudden side story Lady Horatia's own love affair was jarring and acted as unnecessary filler- though either passionate journey is one one any lady would love to partake. I recommend Desiring Lady Caro as a perfectly sensual romance to prepare yourself for your own hero.