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Nov 22, 2015

Resolution of sorts..more like an epiphany..

I know it's early for New Years' Resolutions, but I just thought of something beneficial to my sanity that maybe if I put it down to words for the public to hold me to it, perhaps I will adhere to it:

I think I've discovered the most amazing and guilt free resolution perfect for me! NO MORE REVIEW BOOKS! I am so enjoying just reading WTF I want to right now. Last week I was not approved to receive and review Julie Klassen's newest upcoming novel, and that was like a slap in the face especially since I missed her last one. I love her work and the four novels which I have been blessed to read have all been review books. I have already gone back and bought the few I had missed that came out before I had started reviewing her books, but I haven't gotten around to them because I've been so busy reading newer REVIEW books. 

And today I realized it was a good time to just forget all that jazz with the 'must post review on this site, this site, and that site'. Yes, it's a review book for free. But really why do I torture myself with all these "mandatory" reads with rules attached? I have a large stash of books that I own, and my Goodreads shelf laughs at me if I try to shelve more.

Because that small number of 1,143 books is the number of books that I know I have a real living physical copy in my house somewhere that I can pick up and read at any moment of free time (there's that laughter again). And then I go look at my Kindle Voyage and there's that small number of 1,866 kindle books hanging out in that black hole.

So you know what, Bethany House, my favorite Inspirational Publisher out there? Thank you again for another gift of wisdom. I shall review my own books.
If I feel like reviewing them, that is.